8 thoughts on “Happy Passover from Whole Foods

  1. Someone should send the Rabbi over to Whole Foods to have a little discussion.


    There’s also the scene where the Rabbi, hungry in the barren Old West, chases the chicken:
    Avram: Come here little chicken. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to eat you.
    Avram: I don’t want to hurt you! I just want to make you kosher!

    Whew. Whole Foods? Really?

  2. Thank the Lord that Sophie Portnoy is no longer living at this hour:
    “There are plenty of good things to eat in the world, Alex, without eating a thing like a lobster and running the risk of having paralyzed hands for the rest of your life.”

  3. I can’t imagine going through my entire life without having tried bacon at least once!

    • Over the course of my life, I’ve definitely had bits of bacon that were in various dishes that I’d eaten.

      But I can say that I’ve never eaten a strip of bacon. And believe it or not, the smell of bacon literally nauseates me. Along similar lines, some years ago, I was volunteering at the Easter dinner at our local hospice, and was asked to array a platter of ham slices. The aroma made it an ordeal!

      That said, I understand that bacon is very popular, and most people absolutely love the aroma, texture, and taste. In recent years, it seems to have become a real “thing.” I guess that food likes and aversions are learned early, and are deeply ingrained.

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