How is Amber Heard doing as a philanthropist?

I’m wondering if the Depp v. Heard trial has shed any light on one of America’s more unusual philanthropists. It is not uncommon for an American to have sex with a rich person (oftentimes his/her/zir/their boss!), sue that person for divorce, alimony, child support, and property division, and then be celebrated in our media as a great philanthropist using the money obtained via having sex and going to family court.

Amber Heard was unusual in that she stated that her only motivation for seeking cash in family court was philanthropic. She promised to donate all of her profits from the one-year marriage to hard-working Johnny Depp. From Amber Heard: brave and financially independent (2016):

“Amber Heard ‘suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse’ by Johnny Depp, lawyers say” is a Washington Post article in which Ms. Heard is characterized as “a brave and financially independent woman” who is besieged because the defendant whom she sued has a “relentless army of lawyers.”

Although the only thing sought by her original lawsuit (previous posting includes a link to the Petition) is money (property division, alimony, and attorney’s fees), “none of [the plaintiff’s] actions are motivated by money.” (Amber Heard is also seeking to be divorced, of course, but California is a no-fault state (offering what scholars call “unilateral divorce”) so she is 100-percent guaranteed to win that part of her lawsuit.)

(A plaintiff suffered “years of abuse” during a one-year marriage says the newspaper that assures us inflation is being ably handled by the technocrats.)

“Amber Heard admits to withholding millions from Children’s Hospital” (PopTopic 2021):

Amber Heard admits to “failing” to donate to charity. After Johnny Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman subpoenaed two organisations that Amber Heard claimed she donated the entirety of her USD$7 million divorce settlement, it came to light that Amber Heard had lied under oath about making any donations. She reportedly pocketed the entire amount.

Amber Heard promised that she would donate the whole amount to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to prove that she was not after Johnny Depp’s money.

Presumably it isn’t relevant to the core of the issues at the current trial, but I wonder if it is now clear to what extent Ms. Heard acted on her expressed charitable intent.

(As previously noted here, the most obvious way for Amber Heard to have donated $7 million of money earned by Johnny Depp was to write checks from a joint checking account with Mr. Depp shortly before she filed her divorce lawsuit, then ask only to be divorced in the suit (an automatic win since California is a no-fault state). This has worked for plaintiffs in Maskachusetts. One gal transferred more than $1 million in joint account money via cash and checks to her boyfriend, then sued her husband for property division, alimony, and child support. The judge ruled that she was authorized to spend the jointly held money however she wanted during the marriage. So he split the remaining assets 50/50 and also awarded 20 years of child support and alimony to the victorious plaintiff. She ended up with perhaps 80 percent of the spending power. This was 20 years ago, so $1 million was real money at the time.)


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  1. Tabloids (and wiki) say that Amber has a child (1) and the biological partner is unspecified, so there is potential for a he/she/zir/their as represented by Pregnant Man Emoji. Once they identify the mystery they they can file for child support after the current trial and donate the proceeds to charity.

  2. Most Dudes I know like Johnny. Most Chicks I know like Amber.

    I don’t give a flying f**k about either of them. They could both fall into open manholes tomorrow and the world would be a better place. Please don’t waste any more of my time asking me for my precise reasons for why.

    • In other words: I do not give a rat f**k about what happens to anyone in Los Angeles. We should nuke Los Angeles. Maybe if we can get them both “on the rebound” someone will open a manhole and they’ll both fall into it together. Is anyone concerned about the fate and the machinations of these people? They’re not worth an asswipe.

    • Pirates of the Caribbean was about the last decent Hollywood entertainment flick that I watched. Hands off Johnny Depp!

    • @LSI: I hope she takes every penny he’s ever made and then the two of them wind up meeting each other with him holding a squeegee offering to clean car windows on an off-ramp to the Hollywood Bowl. She’ll blow it all on her bullshit and he will be able to live the Pirate Life just the way he portrayed it. Maybe the Boring Company will dig a big hole they can both fall into. I have zero sympathy for either of them, and I hope they both lose everything they ever had and never bother us again.

      I don’t have any hand on Johnny but I have zero sympathy for either of them. They’re both disgusting.

  3. Wow that plaintiff who transferred the $1million , in Trump’s words, just kept on winning and winning and winning!!!

  4. Unless a woman is caught (literally) red handed gnawing on the still beating heart of her husband or child(ren), the legal system will do nothing to her.

    And feminists blame patriarchy….

    If I ever exhibit a wish to get married again, three of my fishing buddies have agreed to take me to a rendition site for deprogramming, or if that is unsuccessful, euthanasia. It will be a mercy killing in that event.

  5. > She ended up with perhaps 80 percent of the spending power.

    If 50% of marriages end up in divorce, how much of the GDP is given to strong independent women in divorce rackets? Let’s say 25%, that’s a lot of lobbying power to keep the status quo.

  6. Poor Johnny Depp, that was some expensive sex.

    It’s remarkable how Amber’s looks have faded. She’s hitting the wall pretty fast.

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