The funniest Twitter exchanges are misunderstandings?

I’m still trying to figure out what Twitter is for. Much more so than Facebook, Twitter seems to bring together people with different backgrounds and perspectives. The result is a lot more misunderstandings and opportunities for humor with fake misunderstandings.

Here’s my own example:

The Harvard Medical School professor says, presumably informed by Science, that COVID-19 spreads because of arrogant, dismissive, and selfish people. I look at the map and sincerely point out that “Looks like arrogant, dismissive, and selfish people like to live in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. #Science”.

On further reflection, it would have been better without the #Science and maybe rephrased “Looking at the map, it seems that …” But until Elon Musk takes over, there is no edit button!

Here’s one where President Biden promises more good stuff free and/or cheap and a subject ungratefully demands to know how the Vanquisher of Corn Pop is vanquishing the “housing crisis”:

Here’s the misunderstanding-based response:

8 thoughts on “The funniest Twitter exchanges are misunderstandings?

    • BTW here is the “Complying with Sanitary Measures” guide for the Cannes Film Festival. Masks are “strongly encouraged” but optional, and of course there is easy testing available.

      If you test positive, you are required to self-isolate, but I don’t see how they’re enforcing it, since everything else is optional also.

      I think it’s wrong to assume that rich film buffs are necessarily “arrogant, dismissive, and selfish people” but it sure looks to me like they want to have as much freedom as they possibly can while enjoying their trip to Cannes. Does Feigl-Ding intend to march through Cannes with a sign and a megaphone yelling at people he thinks are being “arrogant, dismissive, and selfish??”

  1. “What about.. ” is a pretty sad response to a particular issue getting addressed. There is always some other issue, it doesn’t preclude progress on others. Also with a government the side of the U.S. you’d hope they can do more than one thing at a time.

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