Monkeypox motivates Science to find something essential other than alcohol and marijuana

The Science-following states, e.g., Maskachusetts, California, and New York, closed public schools for 12-18 months while keeping alcohol and, at least in MA and CA, marijuana stores open as “essential.”

Let’s look at a recent tweet from one of America’s top scientists, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Medicine (smart enough to stop SARS-CoV-2 but not smart enough to notice an administrator stealing $40 million):

I think we can infer from the above that the bathhouse joins the marijuana and the liquor store in the “essential” category, as determined by Science.

Maybe Professor Gonsalves was always anti-lockdown? It is possible to search by date range within Twitter, e.g., “from:gregggonsalves school since:2020-08-15 until:2020-09-01”

In August 2020, Science wanted schools kept closed:

(the idea of “all schools open”, pushed by Donald Trump, was a mark of “surrender”)

And in July 2020:

Danger is everywhere, and especially in open schools:

So I think it is safe to say that, like in-person marijuana and alcohol retail, the bathhouse has been found by scientists to be more important than K-12 education.


  • “Monkeypox outbreaks across Europe linked to gay sauna and fetish festival” (PinkNews): Twenty-three new cases were confirmed in Spain on Friday (May 20), with regional health chief Enrique Ruiz Escudero telling reporters that most of the cases had been traced from a single adult sauna, used by queer men for sex, according to Reuters. Authorities have also confirmed the first cases of monkeypox in Belgium, which have been linked to visitors of the Darklands fetish festival which took place from 4-9 May.
  • Darklands: Life is great, but it is even better in your favorite fetish gear. Darklands Belgium encourages visitors to explore their sexuality and develop a safe and sane interest for the many fetishes in our community. The event is a collaboration of different groups, organizations, clubs and over 150 volunteers. The various tribes in the gay fetish community (Leather, rubber, army, skinhead, puppies, …) come together to create a unique spectacle of fetish brotherhood. [i.e., it was “safe” except for the monkeypox]

15 thoughts on “Monkeypox motivates Science to find something essential other than alcohol and marijuana

  1. March 2022: Gonsalves was enraged about the fact that the new Wuhan Virus rules would force the immunocompromised to stay home:

    I’ll say it this is the political coward’s pandemic control plan. Tell the immunocompromised and their families to hunker down and don’t bother everyone else.

    May 2022 (with an additional disease in the form of monkeypox): Gay men have full freedom at bathhouses. Yes, we can conclude that they are essential.

  2. We should not call this monkeypox, I suggest POX-2022. Monkeys are people too, or could be one day,

  3. To paraphrase Toucan Sam: “Obama says that if you like your gay sex S&M parties, you can keep your gay sex S&M parties.”

    I think “monkeypox” is an insult to monkeys, and they should be outraged.

    • To paraphrase Alex (1.0?). The definition of gun control is hitting your target!

  4. I don’t care what someone like Gregg Gonsalves has to say. He is nothing but some noise in the void that only his followers and those who can be fooled easily will believe him. However, when someone like the president “Biden says ‘everybody’ should be concerned about spread of monkeypox” [1] or WHO would make a big deal out of monkeypox when 92 out of ~7.9 billion are infected [2] then be very, very worried.

    Those are the people whose word carry a lot of weight and have a lot of meaning.


  5. Stop calling it “Monkeypox”, refer to it by it’s proper name: “the midterm outbreak”. It will be the reason why mail-in ballots without verification will again be allowed for this fall’s midterm election.

  6. The real danger is lionpox. Lionpox causes extreme hair growth & identification as a lion. The amerikan people are going to have to ban breathing for this one.

  7. This one’s going to be difficult to contain by testing since the only reliable way to test for it is to do PCR on a sample collected from a lesion. That means if your penis is covered in monkeypox sores but you refuse to admit it, or you have a small sore but don’t realize it, it’s going to be difficult for anyone to figure out you’re infected. Reportedly you can still be contagious even if all your sores are gone, in which case I’m not sure if there’s any reliable way to test for the virus. I’m curious if it can be transmitted via blood transfusions. I assume that if there’s any transmissible virus in the blood, it would be possible to test for it in that case, even if it’s possible to have lesions without having detectable virus in your blood.

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