Official Lincoln Massachusetts Public School LGBTQ+ Pride Community Celebration

From back in April, part of an email from the superintendent of the Lincoln Massachusetts Public Schools (K-8 only; high school is shared with another town):

The school-sponsored event (in a town-owned house) is happening today, so I hope that readers in Maskachusetts will attend and perhaps report back to us why some members of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community are excluded (it is only for “LGBTQ+”). Here’s a T-shirt to wear:

The same email that reminded us to lump together everyone on the rainbow spectrum into a single category also lumps together all Asians and Pacific Islanders into a common “culture and cuisine” that can be learned about in just over one hour via Zoom:

Happy Pride Month once again!

12 thoughts on “Official Lincoln Massachusetts Public School LGBTQ+ Pride Community Celebration

  1. I was wondering why the depicted rainbow disciples look like 10-year olds, the answer is that some of them are:

    The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), a 30-member organization with students from grades 5-8 in the Lincoln School and Hanscom Middle School, is hosting a LGBTQ+ Pride community celebration […]

    If one creates a job for an “Adjustment Counselor”, I guess he/she/ze/they will “counsel” and “adjust” 5th graders.

    • It is utterly bizarre how an innocuous grammar term that had always been used solely in linguistics , not anywhere else, until 1950s was usurped by a half-educated sexologist and came to mean something that does not really exist except in the feverish imagination of the ‘gender study’ crowd.

      What’s next ? ‘Conjugation’ or ‘declension’ ? What would that mean in the area of sex ?

  2. I would also be disturbed if K-8 schools were holding heterosexual pride celebrations.

    • A white cisgender heterosexual male friend likes to say “I’m proud of my race and I’m proud of my sexuality.” This doesn’t go over well in Maskachusetts 🙂

    • @philg yeah how could someone ranting about White Pride ever be misconstrued or go wrong?

    • > should a minority not be able to express pride

      So you don’t understand the historical or cultural impact of White Pride?

      > while we are told in academia that reverse racism does not and cannot exist

      You’ll need to cite some sources here.

    • Second Anon: I did not mention “White Pride”, which I assume is the kind of pride practiced by white trash. I do not hold an entire group of people responsible for the actions of a small splinter group.

      Similarly, I do not hold all homosexuals responsible for the actions of rainbow trash (which is a subgroup that unfortunately currently has a disproportionate influence).

    • I think it is fair to say that baz doesn’t share my friend’s sense of humor (as it happens, my friend is married to someone who identifies as a Black woman, however those terms might be defined by Ketanji’s biology panel). But baz is a perfect illustration of his point, i.e., that there are completely different standards for people of different races.

    • Anon1-

      A minority in these circumstances means a member of an oppressed group, not a numerical minority, so whites in Cali are still not a minority. Or so I was taught in high school in 1994.

  3. The irony of this all is that STEM is no longer a priority at public schools, #Pride is. So even if a few nuts are pushing their agenda on #Pride or any other #YouNameIt, the fact that the majority at public schools are falling for it is sad. That’s the elephant in the room that’s being over looked.

    It’s really simple, public schools are government run, then they need to stick at STEM, nothing else.

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