Great Replacement Theory in the New York Times

From May: Is the New York Times the primary promoter of white replacement theory?

From June 6, a NYT article regarding migrants with a “high reproductive output”:

Lionfish are native to the Pacific and Indian oceans. But in the past few decades, the animal has established itself in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, where its invasive presence poses a serious threat to tropical Atlantic reefs and their associated habitats.

The effects are staggering. One study by scientists from Oregon State University found that, in only five weeks, a single lionfish reduced the juvenile fish in its feeding zone by 80 percent. And their reproductive output is remarkably high: Females can release around 25,000 eggs every few days. In some places, including the Bahamas, the density of lionfish may well be causing the most significant change to biodiversity of reef habitats since the dawn of industrialized fishing.


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  1. “Lionfish are native to … and Indian oceans. But in the past few decades, the animal has established itself in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, where its invasive presence poses a serious threat”
    First of a all name “lionfish” symbolizes predatory lion that we know was a symbol of colonialist British empire. Second this is just another case of overachieving immigrants for South-East Asia.
    How could NYT not to worry about this?

  2. Most of the world was historically Chinese, so the lion kingdom would expect that to return to being normal. The 20th century was an anomaly because of the communist government killing itself off.

    • This is a beautiful article: It illustrates the real reason for diversity (we want cheap workers) while not mentioning the possibility of paying above market wages even once.

  3. Wait what? Is NYT and #Science are agreeing and making a point that uncontrolledly migration is bad for the environment? When will they apply this sound logic to human migrant?

  4. Great Erasure Theory in Maryland: A relative called us today to give her account of a sad and tearful meeting she had with a neighbor. He’s a relatively prominent physician in Maryland and has practiced medicine for more than 50 years. Now that he’s semi-retired, about a year ago he decided to compile his notes and diaries to boil them down into a memoir of all the notable and exceptional things he’s done and seen over the years in the service saving lives and trying to heal people. All the things he’s seen along the way. All the changes in medicine and health care that have taken place over the years. A true historical snapshot from an important region of the United States.

    My relative met him today while he was gardening. He told her that he’s stopped shopping the book around with publishers. Tears came to his eyes. He’s giving up. He’s been told over and over again: “An old white male doctor has zero chance of selling his memoir in 2022.”

    It’s a tremendous loss. History can never be replaced once it’s gone. I don’t know what he intends to do with the book, but he’s discouraged, disillusioned, defeated and a not a little angry.

  5. Well, Democrat adjacent organizations like the Brookings Institution also promote the theory. As require these days, first we have to sniff out the loyalties:

    Starting with the 1990 election cycle, Brookings employees gave $853,017 to Democratic candidates and $26,104 to Republican candidates. In total, since 1990, 96% of its political donations have gone to Democrats.

    New census population projections confirm the importance of racial minorities as the primary demographic engine of the nation’s future growth, countering an aging, slow-growing and soon to be declining white population. The new statistics project that the nation will become “minority white” in 2045.

  6. Alex,
    He can just read it into his cell camera and upload to Youtube, Google-indexed forever. I have left a few artifacts there.

    • @Donald: I told my relative to suggest a couple of self-publishing options, and that I would be happy to help him if I can. I could even get the books printed for him and do the layout. I’ve actually met this fellow before, several years ago, and he’s got a reason to be upset. I think he might do better by self-publishing and using his extensive contact network of more than 50 years to sell the book.

    • It would certainly make a poignant addition to the Foreword if he can arrange a “thank you” list of people who helped him get it published and distributed. Anyone legitimate can get an ISBN number – I recently printed and helped to publish and sell a “history of our town” book for a nearby Historical Commission, and I have a few friends who work directly in local libraries.

      The book came out beautifully. It was 184 pages “perfect bound” printed on acid-free paper with black and white printing including photographs on many pages, and then a “color plates” section at the end full of color photographs. The cover was also printed in color. The Town sold them locally and made a solid profit on them, in fact they ordered a second printing.

      I was even able to make it work laying out the book in MS Word!!! Madre de Dios!

  7. Great Replacement Theory in the Atlantic:

    Sure, Biden’s totally fine to be [cough] President now, but he’s too old to run in 2024. The guy hasn’t even had two years in, but after that disastrous performance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night [cut to commercial so he could gather the motes of dust flying round inside there] I guess the Time Has Come.

    I’m still betting on Hillary 2024. I know – it’s a longshot – but the need and the pain is going to be so great that only Hillary will fit the bill…she will feel everyone’s pain.

    What we really need is a betting pool on his successor.

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