Is it now time for the Bloomberg Abortion Bus fleet?

From 2020: Why can’t Michael Bloomberg run a fleet of abortion buses?

The Supreme Court has said that abortion is a matter for state legislatures to decide, just as states decide on most issues, including medical licensing and practice, and just as states did for the first two post-rebellion centuries of the U.S:

After making it to the 198th trimester, Roe V. Wade has been aborted. Conceived all the way back on January 22, 1973, Roe V. Wade has been struck down after a decision was passed down today by the Supreme Court.

6 out of the 9 Justices decided to terminate the longstanding federal law. According to Doctors who performed the procedure, “Roe V Wade did not feel a thing as it was ripped apart word by word, syllable from syllable as it was fed through the paper shredder.” … At publishing time, Planned Parenthood had acquired the shredded remains of the precious document and was reportedly selling the scraps for money.

From my Facebook feed:

from Los Angeles, a woman well past her childbearing years: channelling rage and wondering what rights will get trampled next?

from Maskachusetts, a woman who could possibly have had a baby in the 1980s (but did not): I truly never thought I’d see this day. 😢 It’s probably the beginning of the end!

from Virginia, a guy whose Facebook profile picture shows him with some kids around age 10: I don’t often get angry. But I’m angry today. I don’t post about politically-charged issues, but I am today. And I don’t want to hear from anyone about how taking away reproductive rights from women is a pro-life move. It should not be a partisan issue, but thanks to the Nixon administration, it became that way and remains so to this day. Men, if you want to keep your guns, you better get your head straight about protecting women’s reproductive rights or you’re going to lose your guns through the same methods that Texas is using to take rights away from women.

a retirement-age Jewish man in Maskachusetts: The tragedy of the Trump Supreme Court will infect this country for generations. There is an unholy alliance between the extremely wealthy and powerful with the far right religious freaks and white nationalists. The rich get to pay no taxes and control all branches of government. The others get all the guns they want, abortion outlawed, and to feel good about hating whatever group they love to hate. The country will keep sinking into anti-education, anti-science, anti-truth muck.

a big law firm partner in Los Angeles (identifies as a male?): The new Civil War has begun.

from a self-described TERF in Seattle (the only one in the group who is biologically capable of incubating a baby): Wild to me that we’re entering a period that’s going to be not unlike the collapse of slavery, where slave-holding states set against free states in insane ways. Obviously thousands of women now in red states are going to be travelling out of state to get abortions, and there’s going to be states pitted against each other to either assist these women or prevent them from leaving/accessing abortion.

I wonder if we’re getting into a situation like Californians and the unhoused. Californians are rich and they say that they’ll do absolutely anything to provide housing for the unhoused (not “homes for the homeless”!) except there is one little thing that they won’t do… build and provide housing. Californians who call themselves social justice advocates will buy new Teslas, indulge in $250,000 kitchen renovations, and splurge on European vacations instead of funding apartment construction. Similarly, advocates of unlimited abortions are generally elite and wealthy. They say that they will do anything to help “women” (somehow pregnant people in 73 other gender IDs are neglected) obtain abortions…. except fund transportation from the benighted states to abortion care facilities in scientifically governed states (abortion is legal in Maskachusetts right up to 37 weeks and beyond).

“‘Proterra Powered’ electric bus travels 1,700 miles using only public chargers, exceeding 300 miles during certain legs” (electrek) describes a comfortable electric coach from Belgium (where abortion is legal until 12 weeks after conception). Billionaire Democrats could save Planet Earth in two ways simultaneously via these buses: (1) transportation without burning any fossil fuel (except whatever was burned to generate electricity), and (2) reducing the growth rate of the human population.

Readers: Abortion has been subject to restrictions in a lot of states for at least 20 years. If abortion care access is as important to Democrats as they say it is, why aren’t there already convenient and simple Democrat-funded transportation+abortion services?

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  1. Conservatives never got the concept of not interrupting the enemy when the enemy is committing suicide. Demographic suicide, in this case.

    • @averros, get out of your foxhole. Babies have done nothing to you. Go create economic gaming website and teach them Austrian Economics in fun and violent manner of Gran Turismo

    • I’m not a combatant, I’m just an observer. I learned long time ago that people are mostly talking hamsters scared of their own shadows, and that striving to give them freedom is useless – they will proceed to install the most obnoxious psychopath they could find to rule over them.

      So, yeah, my inner reptiloid is not particularly happy with prohibiting idiots from taking their genes out of the human gene pool. I still prefer the company of religious nuts over the company of atheist nuts – at least the religious ones tend to refrain from stealing because Commandments or something, and do not see me as the Enemy of The People just because I don’t subscirbe to their bullshit.

    • I myself am not a religious nut and I’m also a gun owner, and I do believe in a higher power, a larger wisdom, because mine is – demonstrably here on this blog – quite poor sometimes, and it’s really culled from the smartest people in “The World.” I listened to a British dude on NPR talking with the effortlessly breathless Terry Gross on NPR about Monkeypox and what it meant for the world: Apparently we’re all in for a permanent regime of governmental control to moderate all the catastrophic overlapping viral epidemics we’re about to see emerge.

      Who can handle that shit? Not me!

      But you’re right in one sense – people who believe in the Ten Commandments do tend be better company. They’re not as interested in taking everything you have and blaming it on you.

  2. I was listening to NPR this afternoon and apparently J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch have already announced funding for the transportation.

  3. American’s are outrage about this Supreme Court ruling and are in panic for the effect this will have on their lives and the poor, but yet they don’t seem to be give a fu*k about the near zero quality and failing public schools systems.

    I guess liberals don’t gives a fu*k if the next generation is dump, dump, as long as they have access to free and readily available abortion clinics.

    • Your warped mind thinks republicans are doing more for public schools than democrats?

      Also, nice strawman argument and change of topic!

    • @Anonymous:

      I agree completely. There’s nobody in the entire universe that does more in terms of money for schools than Democrats. The amazing thing is that people continue to become more stupid, especially in the places where the most money is spent! They’re incredible winners preparing the next generation of losers!

    • @Anonymous, liberals are doing more for our public schools: they are make #Pride a priority. Liberals are also doing less for our public schools: they are lowering the standard for graduation.

      And no, this isn’t a change of topic, it is a highlight of priorates that liberals see abortion as a more urgent topic then STEM.

    • Republicans have done more the Democrats for quality of education in my school district

  4. I’m more of a Libertarian than anything else, and generally think the Supreme Court should be in the business of giving people rights rather than taking them away. I’m not a lawyer and cannot tell you how to read The Constitution and find the right to abortion in there. But the people have a lot of rights that are not explicitly enumerated in The Constitution. And Bill of Rights exists to give the people rights that supercede whatever legislatures might try to do. I find it troubling that the court seems to have no problem revoking rights that it previously awarded.

    Separately, it will be interesting to see if the sort of “abortion bus” you describe ends up happening.

    • @Anonymous,

      Like you, I’m not a lawyer and I cannot tell you how to interpret The Constitution. However, I can tell you that the judges on Supreme Court are like a jury in a court room. The party that convinces them is the party that wins. Thus, if anyone is outrage about this verdict, they have no right to take it against the Supreme Court.

      > I find it troubling that the court seems to have no problem revoking rights that it previously awarded.

      I don’t see the Court revoking any rights. They didn’t say “abortion is illegal in USA”? If so, please show me where they said so.

    • @ Anonymous , courts can not give rights, it is not theirs to give, they can protect from government taking rights or take rights only

    • > But the people have a lot of rights that are not explicitly enumerated in The Constitution.

      This is wrong. They don’t have them because obviously, anything “not explicitly enumerated in The Constitution” cannot be judged according to its Constitutionality. If you create “rights” that don’t exist in the Constitution, how can law cases ever be settled?

      Some Judge Alphonse Orkenhole says: “This right was never in the Constitution but that’s OK, we’ll just invent it out of thin air.”
      Next Judge Moron Gainworke III says: “Since it was never in the Constitution, it’s illegal!”

      In the case of Roe v Wade, we had at the time who were more in the Alphonse Orkenhole group, who decided that “emanating penumbras” meant something they just made up! Like using the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause as a battering ram to create a new “right” out of whole cloth! From “Emanating Penumbras.”

      Harvard University’s motto is: “Ve” “Ri” “Tas”

      Meaning: We break the truth into pieces and then put them back together according to how we want them to look.

      Moreover, every single Liberal President I’ve ever voted for has declared publicly (including the current one) that they want to make abortion less common. Meanwhile, the policies they actually signed made it more common. It’s not unusual to regard politicians as two-faced, but it seems to me that every single Democrat politician who wanted to make abortions less common now has the perfect opportunity to do so.

    • Sorry, the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause as the battering ram.

      It’s been lucrative! It’s made lots of people lots of money, harvesting, chopping up and selling the dead parts of human fetuses, the most defenseless forms of life on Earth where money and human idiocy is involved. But lots of money has been made, and lots of dead children are dead as a result of that very deliberate choice in how this country invents rights.

    • Alex, enumerated rights – they all enumerated not because US Constitution grants them but because it protects from government and others on infringing on them, because that what governments had and has been doing. Right considered to be natural, pertaining to every individual , given by God.
      Bill of rights:
      1st amendment: “Congress shall make no law… or prohibiting … or abridging…”
      2nd amendment: “…Right … shall not be infringed.”
      3rd: “No Soldier shall,…without the consent of the Owner…”
      4th “… shall not be violated…”
      abortion, a complex operation by paid specialists, can not be considered natural born right.
      As states are entities that joined together to “form a perfect union” and US Constitution and Bill of Rights are compromises that all states must at least to agree to observe, other regulations are left to the states.

      I think that abortion busing can become a business.

  5. It seems that the theocratic states attempt to criminalize assisting out-of-state abortions:

    The Republicans have the uncanny ability to ruin the election prospects when everything is going well for them. Everyone now hates Biden, mocks CRT, etc.

    What is the response? Let’s try to introduce laws that will get the Republicans ridiculed! The only thing they can possibly get out of it is to point to leftist pro-choice insurrections as an antidote to Jan 6th. Good luck with that.

  6. Abortion is a good example of Calif*’s dichotomy between social conservatism & economic liberalism. There are no female engineers except few of Asian origin. Women don’t make the 1st move. Most of them are school teachers or home makers. They all believe in marriage & swung for breadwinners. There’s pervasive religion comparable to Utah. The lion kingdom doesn’t think as many people believe in abortion as the media says.

  7. An ignorant question which I’m too lazy to research, but why aren’t the vast majority (>90%?) of abortions done with the abortion pills and very few still in clinics?

    • Mitch: Americans who love abortion also love doing research regarding abortion care. says that medication abortion care is 54 percent of total abortion care in the U.S.

      But considering the vast wealth of abortion advocates such as Mr. Bloomberg, if there is even one pregnant person in a Republican-dominated state who could benefit from surgical abortion care, wouldn’t it make sense for Bloomberg to send a bus to pick him/her/zir/them up? If abortion care is a right we shouldn’t care whether it is a right denied to 1 or 1 million pregnant people.

  8. The Trump-appointed conservative justices are religious zealots and liars. During their confirmation hearings they all blatantly lied about how they would consider established precedent in their rulings. Liars, just like Trump and his ilk. Such a bunch of hypocrites. Thou shalt not lie. It’s the ninth commandment! May they all burn in the hell in which they believe.

    • @Jennifer, where do you stand on “You shall not murder” which is the 6th Commandment? Shouldn’t those who “abort a child” [1] burn in hell too?

      Yes, this was a slip by Biden but you surly would agree that at some point a “fetus” becomes an unborn child, wouldn’t you? If so, then Biden’s slip may not be a slip.

      Note that, I’m not a pro-lifer. Per my above post of “June 24, 2022 at 6:08 pm” I find it outrageous that liberals got their priorities so wrong.


    • @Philip, true, but Jennifer made the argument that the conservative justices on the Supreme Court are letting their religious believe drive their judgment and she mentioned the Commandment for lying. So it is only fair to ask Jennifer if she looked at Commandment as a whole or if she is cherry picking.

    • The word “precedent” does show up 48 times in the opinion (see ). Example:

      Some of our most important constitutional decisions have overruled prior precedents. We mention three. In Brown. v. Board of Education, 347 U. S. 483 (1954), the Court repudiated the “separate but equal” doctrine, which had allowed States to maintain racially segregated schools and other facilities. 347 U.S. 483,Id., at 488 (1954internal quotation marks omitted). In so doing, the Court overruled the infamous decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U. S. 537 (1896), along with six other Supreme Court precedents that had applied the separate-but-equal rule. See Brown, 347 U. S., at 491.

    • Constitutional court, basic law – Constitution – takes precedence over precedents, which Philip mentioned was often um-Constitutional.

  9. Strange to see so many people who can’t answer the simple question “what is a woman?”, are now angry about a “woman’s right to choose”. Are they angry that swimmer Lea Thomas can’t get an abortion in republican states?

  10. I find it fascinating that when a Blue State passes a law and the law doesn’t agree with Red States’ agenda, there is little to no fuzz about it. However, when a Red State passes a law, and the law doesn’t agree with Blue States’ agenda, the media, politicians and liberals in all Blue States are outraged and up in arms against the law — even when it doesn’t impact their own Blue State.

  11. NOBODY should have a lifetime job, and I predict this mistake will be rectified in due course. The SC has drifted into an indefensible ideological bias that invites correction. The Republicans have overreached.

    • @Donald, I agree with you about “lifetime job”. Let’s start with term limits for all elected politicians in the Senate, Congress, State offices, et. al. This, I support 1000%. No questions asked.

      Why are you outraged about this ruling from SC? See my comment of “June 25, 2022 at 1:55 pm” and help me understand please.

      How have Republicans overreached? Are they forcing liberal state, like my MA state, to outlaw abortion?

    • George:
      Sorry, my browser does not show a post from you at 1:55 6/25/2022. If it is about Ten Commandments, my opinion is not about religion.
      My view of law is it should be a fence at a distance, with ethics as a buffer that warns me when I’m getting close. I am “outraged” because the SC has allowed a state law fence into the bedrooms of citizens just living lives that were legal a week ago.
      Abortion is abhorrent but sometimes necessary, like amputation, It should be considered by the pregnant woman and her healthcare practitioner. Law enforcement and civil law (lawsuits) should stay out of it. Whether the law is blue or red, it should be silent on abortion.

    • George A.: It was known that several states would ban abortion entirely. This is a fundamental change. Many people do not have the means to move to another state whenever the rulers stage a new act of political theater.

      We cannot have new fundamental changes in personal rights and bodily autonomy (first vaccine mandates, now abortion prohibition) every six months.

      The existing ruling was too broad, but it should have been reduced to 12 weeks first.

      This whole thing is a wedge issue: the ruling won’t substantially reduce abortions, so there are literally thousands of more important topics (that both parties do not want to address).

      I’m now waiting for a ban of coffee in Utah on religious grounds or the legalization of polygamy in California (it could be a new letter in 2SL+ and friends).

    • Anon: What is intolerable about state-to-state variation in the law? That’s the norm in the U.S. and it is also the norm within the EU. Germany and Greece do not have the same laws. Unless a pregnant person is continuously pregnant and needs abortion care daily, he/she/ze/they does not have to move states to obtain a continuous supply of abortion care. A handful of trips per year should be sufficient and, as noted in the original post, can and should be funded by elite Democrats.

    • philg: I’m all for elite democrats paying for the travel expenses!

      The main issue is that states seem to gravitate to all-or-nothing packages. For example, I support De Santis’ educational and vaccine/mask policies. Will he resist banning abortion entirely or will all red states follow Missouri?

      As your excellent shows, choosing a proper state is complex. And that’s just one parameter.

    • Florida has a new abortion law that is more liberal than Germany’s. Abortion is “on demand” up to 15 weeks of pregnancy and when medically necessary after that (not the Maskachusetts definition of medically necessary for post-24-week abortion care in that it will make the pregnant person happier (better “mental health”)).

      Note that state-sponsored NPR refers to this as an “abortion ban”:

      though it is 3 weeks of abortions that wouldn’t be available in most European nations.

    • @Donald, I don’t know why you cannot see my comment on “June 24, 2022 at 6:08 pm” (maybe Philip can help?), here it is again:

      Like you, I’m not a lawyer and I cannot tell you how to interpret The Constitution. However, I can tell you that the judges on Supreme Court are like a jury in a court room. The party that convinces them is the party that wins. Thus, if anyone is outrage about this verdict, they have no right to take it against the Supreme Court.

      In a nutshell, everyone need to stop blaming SC for the ruling.

      As to your other point “Abortion is abhorrent but sometimes necessary”, the narrative that the liberals are playing out loud is that abortion is now “banned” and women, specially poor ones will now suffer the most — this is so untrue and flat our a lie (Philip already made this point). What will it take for the liberals to stop spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)?

      @Anonymous, yes abortion will now be a bit harder to come by, but not outlawed like the liberals keep telling us. Those liberals want us all to be masked to save lives, is it too much to ask of them to take some time, do some thinking and homework before getting an abortion?

      To the liberal readers of this blog, I have no beef about abortion. Let a woman, with her husband/significant-other, family/friends and Dr. et. al. decide what to do. My beef is with liberals for treating this SC ruling as if it’s a devastating forever-life-changing event when in my opinion our failing education system need to be priority #1 (see my post of “June 24, 2022 at 6:08 pm”).

      I’m waiting for someone to tell me why there isn’t this much outrage and energy demanding better quality from our public school systems.

    • @Donald, “progressives” vote for mentally incapacitated senior to further their agenda and at the same time want to destroy institutions that served this nation relatively well at threat of actually needing to really educate and teach good work and life habits to children instead of just importing labor, legally or illegally, and running other societies dry of workforce.

    • philg: Thanks, Florida sounds like a very liberal and enlightened state by European standards!

      > Note that state-sponsored NPR refers to this as an “abortion ban”.

      Soon there will be “Don’t say abortion bill!” T-shirts.

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