Masking is optional at the University of California

A friend teaches at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He described the continued impact of coronapanic at the school. Half of all class meetings can be via Zoom. Vaccine papers are checked to make sure that everyone has had at least three shots of the Sacrament of Fauci. Masks must be worn in the classroom by the triple-vaccinated teachers and students.

I checked the school’s Masking and Operations page:

Masking is currently optional except that it remains required in all indoor classroom/instructional settings, clinical areas, and on Triton/university transportation until further notice.

In addition, all students (regardless of vaccination status) must wear face masks within their residential unit except for their personal bedrooms or in the shower. Masks are also required when inside residential buildings and outside of students’ personal residential units in halls, elevators, lobbies, etc.

No need to wear a mask except when in a classroom or a dorm or some other places!

Professor Doctor My Friend, Ph.D. subscribes to receive text messages when there is a serious on-campus emergency, e.g., a fire or a chemical spill. Here’s one that woke him up a few days ago:

On 06/16/2022 at 11:28pm, the UC San Diego Police Department received a report of an Intimidation – Sexuality Orientation Bias, that occurred at UCSD Hillcrest Hospital on 06/13/2022 at 3:10pm. The reporting party stated that a person left multiple notes in their work space threatening their person and made derogatory comments toward their sexual orientation. The reporting party stated their co-worker received similar intimidation in a previous incident.

The middle-of-the-night message regarded an incident that occurred at a UCSD-owned hospital more than 10 miles from the main campus.

4 thoughts on “Masking is optional at the University of California

  1. Did they leave the note in their workspace or their workspace? They are not clear what they did.

    Perhaps the emergency calls for a modern linguist to decipher the message.

    • Well, an intersectionality-trained biologist is also needed to determine the sex, gender, and sexual orientation henceforth of the parties involved. Including the police.

  2. Wonder if Greenspun receives text messages when there is a blog emergency. We know the day is coming. “Comment orientation bias. Wanted: human lion hybrid”

  3. What about dinning halls? Are masks required entering and leaving the dinning hall but they can come off during bites?

    As for the sexual intimidation, the mental state of many American’s is so fragile. There was a time when physical and mental toughness use to be the norm. Those days are gone. We are now the nation of “Love is Love” living in the imaginary rainbow showed cloud.

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