Supreme Court ruling will encourage holdouts to move to Florida and Texas?

“The Supreme Court Has Made a Grave Mistake on Guns” (NYT, from November 2021 but updated to reflect the recent ruling):

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether Americans have a constitutional right to carry loaded concealed weapons in public and in public places, wherever and whenever they believe they might need their guns for self-defense. Practically, that could mean everywhere and at all times.

The announcement of such an absolute and unfettered right would be shocking and disquieting to most Americans, not just to Americans in the many states where the people, through their elected legislatures, have for centuries restricted the carrying of handguns in public. It would also be concerning to many Americans who support gun rights. They, too, would understandably be unsettled and frightened by the idea that everywhere they went, their fellow citizens might be carrying loaded guns.

Suppose that someone had been considering moving from shutdown-loving NY, CA, or MA to a state with open schools, e.g., FL or TX. He/she/ze/they might formerly had said “I will stay in California dodging the unhoused, the pit bulls, the unhoused with pit bulls, the pit bull poop on the sidewalk, etc., and paying 13 percent state income tax (while receiving no public schools for my kids), because I am afraid of being in a place where lots of ordinary citizens have guns.” But if the Supreme Court ruling is as impactful as the media hysteria suggests, the gun-free paradises of CA and NY will no longer be gun-free.

Or will this trend be counterbalanced by a Supreme Court ruling on abortion? Already I have heard of a computer science professor objecting to a conference being hosted in Texas on the grounds that if a pregnant person attending the conference needs an emergency abortion, he/she/ze/they wouldn’t be able to get abortion care (the current Texas law actually allows abortions in the event of medical emergencies, according to Wikipedia).


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  1. This libertarian fantasy has long been a reality in Utah, where Provo housewives wear fashionable side holsters and news articles occasionally contain the line “patrons returned fire” when describing attempted burglaries.

    Whether non-Mormon states can pull it off without turning into Yemen remains to be seen, but it appears we will find out.

  2. Great satire Philip.
    Honestly, I see how this restoration of 2ns Amendment right in blue states cause people stay there or move back to partake in huge money grab by blue states since Democrats shoveling taxpayer funds on them, not other way around.
    I do not think that intelligent people that are against this freedom ruling could be long-term asset to any place they planning to move:
    As smart people, they realize that those who want to cause harm, which is already illegal, would not be stopped by laws, as it is happening now in Democrat-control place, and yet they feel that they themselves should not be allowed to carry firearms. I think this is because deep inside their psychic they know they are themselves rotten and are dangers to others.
    I am sure that European self-masochism including gun control is rooted in evil events f the past and fear of their rerun.

    • LSI: It wasn’t satire! Though I did point out to the professors debating the conference location that the only safe place for a conference would be an abortion care facility (formerly known as an “abortion clinic”). If the only way to save a pregnant person’s life is an immediate abortion, we wouldn’t want to take the risk of the pregnant person dying in transit from the conference to the abortion care center or hospital.

    • Philip, have not seen progressive liberal professors who did not like cold cash. I recall one professor moving to a Texas tenure position during talent head-hunting by prior TX Republican Gov. Rick Perry. Just before that TX legislature allowed campus carry. Woke-before-it-became trendy professor previously on the record hating stupid amerikkans and their guns commented something like “people have fully automatic weapons in Switzerland”.. Of-course in one year, his prolific scientific output being unpractical and useless, he was back disparaging rednecks living around his enlightened university town and scheming how to subvert Texan democracy
      I think it was very mistaken campaign by Rick Perry.

  3. “He/she/ze/they might formerly had said “I will stay in California dodging the unhoused, the pit bulls, the unhoused with pit bulls, the pit bull poop on the sidewalk, etc.

    pit bulls are a good case for concealed carry as they can be spotted unleashed, leashed with a 30 foot leash, or simply escaped and running loose. For California to be consistent they should ban any animal with sharp teeth that weighs more than 20 pounds.

  4. Except that the New York Times is lying about what the ruling did. Maybe we should ban lying by the most important newspaper in the World.

  5. Welp, I’m finally moving from the West Coast to Texas. A recent visit to DC made me realize just how incompetent our state and local governments are out here on the Enlightened Coast. There were almost zero homeless camps/needles/poop around DC. But out here encouraging homeless to flock here is a badge of honor, because it’s compassionate or something?

    • It’s a misguided compassion driven by ideology and reinforced by a “philosophy” of sorts.

      The author here doesn’t really reject San Francisco, she actually accomplishes a long “Sigh…but…but…just wait for the next time!”

      It’s always the same lament, and it happens whenever the disgusting and inhumane consequences of the ideology fail in such spectacular fashion that nobody can deny it. Then more money is sought from Other People to refill the tank and try again!

      “It’s fucked up! We tried, but next time for SURE!”

      San Francisco should put his face on every single one of their public buildings.

  6. “You got some big dreams, Baby, but in order to dream you’ve got to still be asleep.”

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