Uber characterizes Mohamed as gay

To celebrate Pride Month, Uber uses a rainbow icon to show the driver’s vehicle. Here’s an example where Uber’s white saviors suggest that “Mohamed” is a follower of Rainbow Flagism:

The good news is that, after a ride in the back of a Tesla 3, the Prius seemed luxurious!

Of course it is brave of Uber to celebrate everything 2SLGBTQQIA+ in the U.S., where the repercussions could be severe, but do the rainbow cars appear for Uber users in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Bahrain, Pakistan, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates?

5 thoughts on “Uber characterizes Mohamed as gay

  1. No pride for you in Saudi Arabia! Uber’s local inclusion site looks like from the 1990s, a white male in the middle of the picture! People are properly dressed and look sane:


    I wonder why Uber does not display bathhouse locations on the U.S. maps. Uber could offer free field trips.

    • Anon: That’s a good point. Why is the person who appears to identify as a white male at the center?

      Uber does highlight COVID-19 vaccine sites, I think, so your bathhouse idea wouldn’t require a lot of extra coding. Uber could use https://washingtonmonthly.com/2001/11/01/cruise-control/ as a linked guide for those who haven’t taken an Uber to a bathhouse previously.

  2. So Uber is celebrating #Pride month, which it did last month and all the months before it. What about an Uber driver who does NOT agree with #Pride and doesn’t want to celeberate #Pride? Why should his/her car be painted in #Rainbow when Uber considers its drivers and the driver’s car to be “independent contractors” [1]?

    [1] https://www.fisherphillips.com/news-insights/gig-drivers-independent-contractor-status-massachusetts.html#:~:text=Uber%20has%20operated%20in%20Massachusetts,those%20drivers%20as%20independent%20contractors.

  3. maybe edit the title? – who knows if someone from the peaceful community stumbles upon this & issues a peaceful fatwa!

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