What are you paying for a haircut after Bidenflation?

A basic haircut at a barber shop in downtown San Diego was $40 plus tip earlier this month. What are you paying?

Based on limited experience, haircuts in the West are much more expensive than haircuts back east. It was $36 in Denver before coronapanic.

“Want to Understand Inflation? Check the Price of Your Haircut” (WSJ, June 22):

In San Francisco, Shorty Maniace raised prices at J.P. Kempt Barber Social from $55 to $65 in May and is considering another increase. When the barbershop opened in 2013, a standard cut was $45. He says people regularly walk out of the salon in a huff after hearing the price.

How do all of the San Franciscans living in tents afford haircuts? sfserviceguide.org:

YWAM SF offers free haircuts to homeless or low-income people who need it or are going to have a job interview.

I’m a little out of touch because we’ve had a micro barbershop running here at home starting in 2018 for the kids and then in 2020 for everyone except the barber herself.

15 thoughts on “What are you paying for a haircut after Bidenflation?

  1. $27 for mens haircut in NJ. I tip 8 bucks. So a total of $35.

    Up from $18 a couple of years ago

  2. here in tampa, FL suburbs $24(Signature Cut includes relaxing shampoo and conditioner) + $6 tip.

  3. Here in Northern Colorado $25, plus $5 tip, for a total of $30. Sounds like I need to tip more!

  4. $22.95 at Supercut here in Maskachu$etts. I tip $7 so my total is $29.95. In and out in under 10 min (about 5 min for the actual haircut).

    Used to be $18.95 in 2019 and $12.95 or so some 10 years ago.

    Unlike other sectors, such as food, where they kept the price almost the same as pre-Bidenflation, but reduced the portion size considerably to make you think there is no Bidenflation, I don’t think the same can be done for a haircut. Imagine walking out of a salon where you get a haircut only one one half of your head!

    Question: how much does it cost to get a haircut for Mindy the Crippler? My son this past Jan got a poppy, a golden doodle. His first haircut, $105 with tip.

  5. My father and I cut each other’s hair, usually very close, so it costs approximately whatever it takes to run the clippers, clean them, and vacuum the hair off the floor, in terms of electricity.

    My mother, on the other hand, visits a fairly good local independent stylist here in town every few months and has her hair and nails done, it’s something like $65+$10 tip but she enjoys the hour or so experience and is a much more pleasant person for weeks afterward, which is fine because she feels and really does look younger, she enjoys the “girl talk” and she always cooks a great dinner afterward, so that $300 a year or so is well worth it. Cheap.

    For Mother’s Day this year I paid for her trip and also bought her a new, semi-stylish wristwatch because I noticed she hadn’t been wearing her old “beater” very much. You’d think I’d hung the moon. Next time I make a trip into “Town” I’ll check out the chain prices, I’m pretty sure we have a Supercuts nearby. I’m sure they’re consistent with others in semi-civilized areas of Massachusetts.

  6. Lions stopped cutting their manes off, back when the fiat money cost was in the 2’s.

  7. In Los Angeles hair cut used to be 25 dollars before Biden. Now it’s 35 dollars and I tip 5 bucks so 40 dollars on the west coast seems the going rate.

  8. My haircut has gone up 50% since early 2020. Initially reflected all the extra sanitation costs, plexiglass (not sure how much PPP funding covered that?), and the extra rent per haircut as business was cut 50%. From June 2020 to October 2021, the two stylists (co-owners) were working alternate days to limit no of people in salon at any one time to one stylist and one client, with two clients occasionally overlapping, but more than 6 ft apart. One stylist has asthma, as does her teenage daughter. Spring 2022 — prices up again, citing inflation in everything, including propane for the salon itself, and commuting costs for the stylists who each commute over 30 mns O/W. Plus a new policy that while credit cards are still accepted for services, that tips are to be given in cash. Not sure whether percentage taken by banks has risen (small business owners in my town have been grousing since way before COVID about those transaction fees)??? . . . or whether my stylists are betting taxes are going higher in 2022 to fund all the hand-outs which have been pumped into the economy??? All those predictions about cash becoming obsolete — not buying that!

  9. Dirty Biden twisting the “haircut price” dial in the Bidenflation war room!

  10. I pay zero, as all smart chaps do.

    Speaking of zero, I suspect zero is very close to the number of female readers your blog has. If there are any, you will be shocked no doubt by how much more their hair costs to cut (even though it is easier to cut than men’s hair.) Basically, the price is determined by how much of a sucker you are.

  11. I paid for my niece’s hairdressing school and get free cuts in return. It hasn’t been that long since she finished, so my cost currently is around $650 each. With a cut every six weeks, I’ll be ahead of the game by my 98th birthday!

  12. I hate to say, past 20 any man should shave his head off completely and just keep it shaved while taking a shower. Practical and cheap. I fail to see why a man should have any attachment to his hair.

  13. $20 + $10 tip. Which is a bargain considering the rigorous training required:

    1. Graduate from a 1500-Hour Rhode Island Barber Training Program
    2. Submit a Rhode Island Barber License Application
    3. Pass the Rhode Island Written and Practical Licensing Exams
    4. Start a Career in Rhode Island’s Barbering Industry
    5. Renew your Rhode Island Barbering License Biannually


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