Abortionomics: Migrant infants make us richer; native-born infants make us poorer

We are informed by our leaders and our media that immigrants, including infants, make the U.S. wealthier, no matter how low their skill level and no matter how low their parents’ and grandparents’ skill level (see The Son Also Rises: economics history with everyday applications).

We are now informed that native-born infants make us poorer and, for maximum economic growth, should be eliminated from the U.S. population via abortion care. “Fall of Roe will have immediate economic ramifications, experts say” (Axios):

The U.S. will see devastating economic consequences from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, experts warned on Friday.

Why it matters: The landmark Turnaway Study found that women who have to carry an unwanted pregnancy were four times as likely to struggle with poverty years later. Raising a child costs over $230,000 on average, according to the Department of Agriculture.

What they’re saying: “This decision will cause immediate economic pain in 26 states where abortion bans are most likely and where people already face lower wages, less worker power, and limited access to health care. The fall of Roe will be an additional economic barricade,” Heidi Shierholz, president of the Economic Policy Institute, said in a statement.

The big picture: In an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court last year, 154 economists wrote that there is “a substantial body of well developed and credible research that shows that abortion legalization and access in the United States has had — and continues to have — a significant effect on birth rates as well as broad downstream social and economic effects, including on women’s educational attainment and job opportunities.

Replacement theory has been proven wrong by science. But science also tells us that the only way we can prosper is if we provide abortion care to all pregnant people who are U.S. citizens and import infants and children via migration.


7 thoughts on “Abortionomics: Migrant infants make us richer; native-born infants make us poorer

  1. Amerikans want christianity, traditional gender roles, marriage to men of higher status, male breadwinners, maternity leave provided by men, patriarchy. They don’t want the bad part of christianity: bans on abortion.

  2. From one of the links in your post:

    “Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito does not substantively address economic questions in his leaked draft opinion.”

    Wow, it’s almost like Alito is basing his decision on the law, and the constitutionality of the decision, and not looking at economics. How dare he!

  3. Some people remain obstinately unwilling to accept the benefits of inward migration. But I have an idea. What if the proud displayers of (for example) these signs were to go over there and confront the hate group, firmly explaining that they’re really being enriched? Wouldn’t that be a heartwarming thing to see?

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