Book recommendation: All the Flowers of the Mountain

Today we celebrate the traitorous rebellion of slaveowners and land-stealers against the legitimate authority of the British government.

Today our family also celebrates a cousin’s wife’s novel, five years in the works, being released. I managed to read the first 60 pages via a preprint and can vouch for it being well-crafted. At the risk of sounding too much like an Oprah copycat, it contains richly imagined characters. The chapters also have an interesting back-and-forth sequence that does not feel like a gimmick. At least in the first 60 pages there are no 2SLGBTQQIA+ characters of color so I don’t expect this book to be featured in the New York Times. I was engaged, despite the romance angle. My only criticism so far is that the main male character seems unrealistically emotional. I’m not sure that the author fully appreciates the “one mood all the time” principle of cisgender masculinity.

The book is All the Flowers of the Mountain. My Kindle copy arrives today and I’m going to be anxious to see how it turns out. A good beach or lake vacation read, certainly!

6 thoughts on “Book recommendation: All the Flowers of the Mountain

  1. Thanks, been looking for a novel lately, this looks interesting. And a recommendation from you is all I need!

  2. The ungrateful colonists did not want to pay the mother country for winning the French and Indian war which was fought to protect them. Happy 4th

  3. And these same people who celebtate secession of US from British Empire are all for Ukraine which violently suppressed secession of Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

  4. The book sounds like it’s very much in step with the times and I hope it’s also a good story and doesn’t get itself too knotted up in current psychotherapeutic trends and buzzwords. It’s good of you to mention it though and I’ll check it out on Kindle.

    I’m just glad Thomas Jefferson had the foresight to recognize a great deal when he saw one for the Louisiana Purchase. What was it? 15 cents an acre? He had to kind of bend his authority to do it, but in the fullness of time it looks like it turned out to be a good deal – for America, Britain and yes, France too!

  5. “2SLGBTQQIA+”

    I realized I had been colonized when I realized I knew what all of these letters (except the second “Q”) meant. Get out of my mind, freaks!

  6. Thank you for writing about “All the Flowers” and I hope you enjoy the rest of the novel. Oh come on, I think men can be emotional too! One male relative we have in common (who shall remain nameless) cried through the last 50 pages of the book. I am looking forward to checking out your blog more regularly.

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