Our first July 4th in Florida

Fireworks are illegal in Maskachusetts while marijuana is “essential” and available even when schools are shut down due to plague. In Florida, however, marijuana is illegal and fireworks are sufficiently essential that Costco and Publix carry kits large enough to blow up your house:

In Maskachusetts, fetuses are sufficiently tough that on-demand abortion care is available up until 24 weeks and, after that, if a single doctor thinks abortion care makes sense (paging Dr. Gosnell). Babies, on the other hand, are too tender to be exposed to the sight and sounds of fireworks and children are too precious to handle fireworks. In our MacArthur Foundation-planned community, fetuses are considered tender and therefore abortion care is available only up to 15 weeks gestation (state law). Infants are brought in baskets to the biggest and loudest fireworks shows. Little kids run around with sparklers. 10-year-olds wield roman candles. Unsupervised teenagers run full-scale shows on neighborhood common areas.

At least according to one estimate, however, Massachusetts actually has more fireworks injuries per capita than Florida. How is that possible, given that fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts? They’re easy to buy in New Hampshire.

Where to see professional fireworks in South Florida? Our own neighborhood has a show next to the Major League Baseball spring training stadium. There’s a bigger/better one at the Flagler Museum that happens over the Intracoastal and can be viewed by the Proles from West Palm. People who join as Sustaining members ($250) can watch from the museum itself. (Of course, the theme parks in Orlando have fireworks every night!)

Readers: Where did you see fireworks tonight and how were they?


(Maybe she will arrange with Joe Biden to get Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the expert on providing bodily autonomy, pardoned and then appointed to an expanded Supreme Court?)

There was a recent “coup”:

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  1. We actually had a lot more fireworks yesterday. They lasted from about 7PM to around 11PM and even though they are illegal in MA you can drive right over the border into CT and buy a set that’s at least as nice as the store display you show. Also NH and so people drive around with loads of explosives in their cars so they can celebrate the Fourth of July early.

    Tonight there weren’t very many here and most people who wanted to see them, I think, went to their township fireworks displays.

    Last night the explosions lasted for hours and I can only conclude that MA laws are not working, because we also have a lot of summer vacationers here who bring who knows what in from God knows where else. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! for about four hours.

    I think the actual Fourth of July is the denouement of the holiday. People don’t celebrate Independence Day – most of them don’t know how many stars are on the flag or who we achieved independence from. They celebrate loud noises.

    • But maybe I’m being too cynical. There’s a real chance that people didn’t use the Fourth of July here to celebrate and instead used it for some reflection on what it means to them, and to everyone. I did see some evidence of that today, with people in lawn chairs discussing things instead of setting off loud displays. Perhaps they also went to a Township fireworks display afterward. My impression here was that most people blew off a lot of fireworks on July 3 and actually did very few on July 4.

      YMMV, it would be interesting to hear an account from a big-city dweller.

      BTW a couple days ago we also had a pair of B1 Lancers overfly this town, at least as far as I could tell. Which isn’t hard to tell because the sound of their engines is almost impossible to forget.

  2. As far as some of your Twitter reposts are concerned, I don’t know why you bother. Those people are stupid and should instead be redirected to the people who lied to them for 49 years. They should properly take their anger and frustration out on the people who really lied to them.

    At some point, the lying has to stop.

  3. Why do you need fireworks if you can toke and enjoy quiet visuals?*

    * use Sativa with high THC/CBD ratio for that.

  4. A propos: that Colorafo Springs DSA peron is a retard, completely unable to comprehend the concept of Fed Gov not having a law.

  5. Where did you see fireworks tonight and how were they?

    South Lake Tahoe. They were excellent!

  6. we used buy lot of fireworks by pooling money with neighbors’ every year here in tampa fl suburbs. This year the prices are doubled compared to 2020, so everybody bailed out. We used to pay $50 for 17 rockets in a box and buy one get one free deal. This year it is $129 buy one get one free.

  7. CapitalFourth on PBS and Macy’s on NBC, with the crappy music on mute. Air conditioned fireworks, no folding chairs to shlep. That’s life over 80, get ready.

  8. @Philip, let me correct your post for you on this topic.

    In Maskachu$etts, firework is once a year and is illegal, while “essential” marijuana and abortion is 24/7, legal and can be had for FREE.

  9. There was the fog shrouded San Francisco display & a few small scale shows near the lion kingdom. Most fireworks in Calif* were canceled & replaced with quad copter shows over fire danger. The mane show is a diwali show which happens during a different day every year.

  10. I successfully watched the Boston Pops and the fireworks from my couch this year. One year I saw the Boston Pops fireworks in person. This consisted of leaving my house at 9PM, picking up my friend in Braintree, then parking in the Back Bay, running down to the Esplanade, watching the fireworks, then back to the car and performing the reverse commute back to Braintree.

  11. Update: Proving the wisdom of the Maskachusetts Karens…. some teenagers in the neighborhood decided to dispose of expended fireworks in a trash can. Floridians are very careful not to litter and these kids were no exception. Unfortunately, some of the fireworks were still smoldering and thus a tremendous conflagration ensued, which discolored the side of a concrete block neighborhood clubhouse and melted a light fixture. This made me wonder if concrete block houses can actually burn. There are some wooden studs inside the typical concrete block house, but sheetrock is not fuel for a fire, is it? https://www.seagatehomes.com/blog/the-benefits-of-concrete-block-house-construction says “In the event of a fire, insulated concrete walls limit the spread of flames compared to wood walls. Insulated concrete block walls also do not burn, bend or soften like steel. Insulated concrete blocks meet the thermal performance required by the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) without additional insulation and are capable of achieving a fire rating of up to four hours before applying a finish.”

    Maybe the roof could catch fire? (wooden beams plus rubber or plastic underlayment)

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