COVID-19 vaccination coverage among the nation’s smartest people

I’m still on the mailing list for City of Cambridge (Maskachusetts) updates. Every day they send out their dead pool data. From yesterday:

Nobody died yesterday in Cambridge because everyone got the Sacrament of Fauci, right? The Harvard-educated Democrat-voting folks in Cambridge wouldn’t contribute to coronaplague by running around unvaccinated like the Deplorables in the Unspeakable Republican South, certainly. Well…

Only 73 percent fully vaccinated?!!? Now that vaccines are emergency-used authorized for 6-month-old babies, how can this be? And how does this compare to a state in which public health authorities do not promote the idea of injecting children with experimental medicines that are designed to prevent deaths among the elderly? The percentage of Floridians (DeSantis voters!) who are fully vaccinated is currently 68 percent. Maybe the answer for how the intelligent people who live next to MIT and Harvard can have such similar vaccination coverage to the morons of Florida is that the newly approved COVID shots for babies require at least 8 weeks for the baby to be considered “fully vaccinated” and the emergency use authorization for sticking babies was issued only a month ago.

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  1. This writing style is the highlight of my day! Can’t wait to thank you in person some day for all you do!

  2. Keep in mind that these figures are for residents, including children. The percentages for adults alone are almost certainly higher.

    The campaign for the injections seem to have been very successful at getting people to try them at least once, but hit a wall with the second booster.

    If you react badly to an injection, you are less likely to come back for another helping. Negative news about these things is starting to leak through the info blockade. The mandates may also have backfired, with people thinking that they may not want to voluntarily take something that is being forced on them.

  3. After the second injection my wife had a golf ball sized lump in the lymph node under that arm. After the booster the lump was tennis ball sized. There won’t be any more boosters for her,t that’s for sure.

    • Demographics are different between the two states and COVID-19 death rates are higher for older people. Moreover, climate is very different between Florida and Maskachussetts.

      2022 Florida Median Age: 42.2
      There are 17,002,480 adults, (4,347,912 of whom are seniors) in Florida.

      2022 Massachusetts Median Age: 39.6
      There are 5,511,033 adults, (1,136,566 of whom are seniors) in Massachusetts.


    • G. Ranma,

      To see someone try age-adjusted numbers, look at:

      Looking at climate: FL’s warm weather means a great deal of open-air activity, which reduces spread

      If you look at the timing of the deaths:

      – Deaths in MA happened earlier, before vaccines and other treatments were available
      – FL deaths were later, after the vaccines were widely available

      Let’s be real … Many thousands of Floridians got themselves killed because they: (1) incorrectly thought the vaccines were the more dangerous way to go, or (2) wanted to fight the culture wars with their lives

    • David: Let’s accept that the 3rd Sacrament of Fauci (or 4th? Or maybe 5th?) prevents humans, even if obese and 90 years old, from being killed by SARS-CoV-2. Why have only 44% of the world’s smartest people (residents of Maskachusetts) chosen to receive this sacrament? Why isn’t it close to 100%?

      Separately, as G notes, the statewide populations are quite different. Florida has 21 percent over-65 and only 17 percent of the Followers of Science in Massachusetts are over 65. So the death rate from a virus that kills the elderly should always be higher in Florida. (California will always look good, with only 15 percent of its population being over 65).

      Regarding Florida being all about open-air activities, that’s true for the elites who are here October-May. The year-round residents, however, spend a lot of times sharing indoor air from June through September (the FL equivalent of the MA winter) so there is plenty of opportunity for a respiratory virus to spread to those who won’t stay home in a bunker and have everything delivered. (Anecdotally, 100 percent of the people we know here in Palm Beach County have had COVID-19. They won’t tell you about it unless asked. 0 percent report suffering from Long COVID.)

    • Philip — I have no explanation for people getting two shots and not getting the third. Seems lazy.

      I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like this, but my social circle isn’t representative.

      You talked about “Harvard-educated” people. What fraction of your Harvard/MIT friends got the vaccine and booster? Certainly more than 44%.

      I have one MIT friend who never got the vaccine. Very religious, home-schools his kids, big believer in replacement theory, and believes nearly every right-wing conspiracy theory that comes along. Also lives in Florida, perhaps not far from you.

    • @David – actually, the warm (aka f hot) Southern climate in US means people spend days in air-conditioned hermetically sealed rooms. A/c does dry the air, which contributes both to irritation/diminished effectivenes of mucus in nasal passages and inhibits coalescing of aerosol droplets so the stay in the air for much longer and carry virions on them. (This is actually why in colder climates flu and colds flare in winter).

      And let’s be real – by now we know that vaccine efficacy figures are based on outright statistical fraud, protection does not last long, and quite a lot of adverse effects are swept under the rug by misclassificantion. The figures which are harder ro manipulate (such as all causes mortality which soared just after vaccine roll-out) tell a rather different story from the official narrative, to the point of medical establishment scrambling to cover their arses with invention of new disease (SADS).

      Here’s an advice to government orgs for effectively dealing with “conspiracy theories” – be transparent and do not treat citizens as idiots incapable of parsing complex scientific issues. To anyone with a functioning brain the simpisic pablum like “vaccine good, skeptics must be censored” coming full blast from every outlet is a huge red flag even before learning any actual scientific facts. Frankly, I’m amazed how many seemingly intelligent people who normally complain about lying politicians and jounalists (for a good reason, too!) conpletely lose their critical thinking abilities when scared by sensationalistic reporting.

    • averros — Let’s get a baseline on what you think is the truth.

      According to official numbers, we have around 1M people dead from covid

      How many people do you think actually died from covid?

      How many people do you think were killed by the vaccines?

      Who do you think is the most credible person reporting on covid?

    • Philip — I have no explanation for people getting two shots and not getting the third. Seems lazy.

      I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like this, but my social circle isn’t representative.

      Absolutely bizarre assertion.

      Jab 1- few side effects, just like flu shot

      Jab 2- Sick for three days, felt like stroking out. No VAERS, no (obvious) damage beyond three days

      Omicron comes along. Jab doesn’t work any longer, symptoms milder.

      Jab 3? Hell no!

    • “According to official numbers”.

      Stop right here. I have doctor friends who told me their bosses pretty much prohibited them from reporting cases and deaths as something other than C19 if there was a positive test. I’m sure government monetary incentives have nothing to do with it.

      Numbers mean zilch if you don’t understand how they were obtained in the first place.

    • averros — I agree that covid diagnosis numbers are unreliable, but when researchers look at “excess deaths”, those numbers are in the ballpark of 1M.

      In other words… doctors tell us they’ve had around 1M covid deaths, and if we just count the number of people who have died, we’re running about 1M above baseline.

      In Dec 2020, before the vaccines were widely available, they calculated that the US had suffered an extra 377k deaths since the start of the covid outbreak

      What do you think these people died from?

      Is this all part of a complicated Medicare reimbursement scam?

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