Bidenflation for HVAC

I just ordered a COVID-fighting air filter for the Carrier Infinity system that soldiers on in the War against COVID-19 in Cambridge, Massachusetts while we live in blissful freedom from anyone complaining about Long COVID (“Karen’s Disease”?), Short COVID, or Other COVID here in Florida. Pre-Biden, the filter was $86.51 (March 2020). In July 2022, it is $106.53:

That’s inflation of 23 percent over two years. What about the labor to slide it in? $195 per hour from the one company that didn’t simply refuse to work.

6 thoughts on “Bidenflation for HVAC

  1. Remotely managing properties by hiring people to change lightbulbs is soul crushing but just another example of runaway government debt making animals completely irrational. The lion kingdom can either spend $1/2 million building a house it will never live in & employing others to change lightbulbs or wait for houses to cost $2.5 million before building it & living in it.

  2. I just hope you bought some stock in whatever Paul Pelosi did so that you can recoup some of the Knowledge Worker™ Bidenomic losses thanks to the timely application of more government stimulus in specific industries that Nancy Pelosi’s husband invests her meager salary in. I bet a lot of the neighbors in Harvard Square knew about it and also partook, using their big brains to Make America Great Again.

    • Take it from Gordon Ramsay, this is how you cook Foie Gras. It’s simple! First you force feed the geese (which actually doesn’t hurt them at all, they kind of like it.) Then you kill them, remove their humongous livers, cut them into two or three ounce chunks, and you just pop them in a nonstick frying pan. No seasoning aside from a little salt and pepper is needed and even the most dyslexic, cross-eyed chef can cook it. You just wait until it melts as it fries and ladle its own rendered fat on top of it. Then you use the rest of the rendered fat to make Bidenburgers:

    • domestic semiconductor industry sounds inflationary. The deplorable proles who will hire on and work in those might require more salary and benefits relative to off-shore deplorable proles and they may even attempt to form unions depending on the state politics and whatever facebook group they happen to belong to.

  3. Your AC unit can push air through a MERV 15 filter? Impressive.

    I’ve been putting MERV12 or 13 on box fans and the resulting drop in airflow is probably 75% or more.

    I wouldn’t dare try it in my 25 year old house AC/furnace unit. I am sure that would be the end of it, and when I go to replace the unit, the replacement will only last 5-10 years, I am sure.

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