Are there Ukrainian refugees in your neighborhood?

Our Florida neighborhood, which has no “immigrants welcome” signs, is now home to at least two groups of Ukrainian refugees (mother-child in both cases). That’s out of a sample of about 200 houses and apartments.

Our former neighborhood, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, has more than 2,000 homes and perhaps 4,000 “migrants welcome” signs (squeezed in among the rainbow flags, BLM banners, In This House We Believe… laundry lists, and #StopAsianHate memes). The Ukrainian refugee count there? According to friends who still live in Lincoln… zero.

Readers: What’s the story in your own neighborhoods? Have you met any displaced Ukrainians or does the war remain an abstraction for you?


  • If you’re looking for a way to help Ukrainians and don’t want to copy me by giving money to displaced Ukrainians and/or their hosts (part of my overall offer to pay for food to anyone who says that he/she/ze/they support expanded immigration and are willing to host migrants in their own homes), you can look at The Bond of Sports Foundation (disclosure: I am actually a board member of this 501c3 corporation, the first of whose core values is “empathy” so you know that I am a huge contributor in non-monetary ways)

9 thoughts on “Are there Ukrainian refugees in your neighborhood?

  1. In our neighborhood in Los Angeles I would be surprised to meet any Ukrainian refugees. The lawlessness, filth and danger they would experience in our neighborhood would far exceed anything that is happening in the Ukraine.

  2. I am seeing many Ukrainian cars and hearing a slavic language I assume to be Ukrainian regularly in Austria.

  3. In a relatively affluent neighborhood near Toronto, Canada: None. But also, no “Migrants welcome” signs, either.

    However, there is one rainbow flag.

  4. In Seattle/Tacoma area there is a bunch of refugees. In general there are huge religious Ukranian communities in Washington, so it’s not surprising.

  5. As a matter of fact I had Ukranian refugees at the pool party at my house last Sunday.
    (Do I qualify for any grant from you, Philip? 😂)

  6. Not to my knowledge. But if any wanted to live here, I would try to help them and also get them in a place where they could return.

    • The refugee will in turn run off 10 days after getting her citizenship and alimony.

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