Could Novak Djokovic get into the U.S. by saying that he is going to visit a bathhouse?

“Djokovic likely to miss U.S. Open over COVID-19 vaccine status” (Reuters):

U.S. Open organisers also said that while they do not have a vaccination mandate in place for players, they will respect the U.S. government’s position regarding travel into the country for unvaccinated non-U.S. citizens.

Another post with the same hashtag brought up U.S. President Joe Biden, who is fully vaccinated and twice boosted but tested positive on Saturday just three days after having emerged from isolation after testing positive for the first time on July 21.

“Quadruple-vaxxed Biden tested positive for Covid again. But unvaccinated Covid-recovered Djokovic can’t play in U.S. Open. He is apparently too big a risk to the U.S. healthcare system,” the tweet read.

Monkeypox is a global health emergency. But bathhouses are “essential” from a public health point of view and won’t be shut down despite the potential for monkeypox to thrive in our bathhouses.

Combining the above, could Novak Djokovic be admitted to the U.S. if he says that his reason for travel is to visit a bathhouse?

From today’s Pravda, “We Can Fight Monkeypox Without Hysteria or Homophobia”:

Any successful response to an outbreak needs to be grounded in facts, and the facts are clear. Out of the cases recently reported to the W.H.O., data on sex is available for about three-quarters. Of these, about 99 percent are male. Data on sexual orientation is available for only about 7,500 cases, but of these, 97.5 percent are men who have sex with men.

A two-page leaflet by German health authorities to inform the public about monkeypox does make clear that spread is happening in places like sex clubs. But it does not mention the words “gay” or “men who have sex with men” once.

Even within my own community, some have argued that stating that the disease was mostly affecting men who have sex with men was homophobic. Others were simply afraid of worsening the stigma many gay men already face. On the other end of the spectrum, social media accounts that have gained huge numbers of followers during the coronavirus pandemic are spreading the false information that monkeypox is transmitting widely through handshakes, the food we eat and the air we breathe. The result has been confusion, with some people wrongly thinking they are at high risk and others not knowing about their very real risk or how to lower it.

(When will Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and New York City close the public schools to protect children from this disease?)

From the Amana Colonies, the passionate Christianity of the 19th and 20th centuries is now passion for 2SLGBTQQIA+ love plus commonsense gun safety laws:


18 thoughts on “Could Novak Djokovic get into the U.S. by saying that he is going to visit a bathhouse?

  1. UAE, which has a 99% vaccination rate, had a relatively large summer outbreak.
    Who still believes that vaccination prevents the spread?

    They just want to stick it to Djokovic, because free thinkers must be assimilated.

    An emergency bathhouse visit is a great idea. Perhaps he could also apply for the women’s tournament, in which case they’d let him in.

  2. At the beginning of this, I actually thought for a little while that Men Who Enjoy Fucking Other Men Up The Ass might take it upon themselves to cool their heels for a while, maybe a few weeks, so the whole Monkeypox thing could be contained much more easily.

    Instead, what we have seen is that the United States government and most of its satellite governments in various states have taken the view that orgies and promiscuous sex where Men Who Enjoy Fucking Other Men Up The Ass is an important part of a Proud culture that cannot be stigmatized. Therefore everyone has to get vaccinated and join our Promiscuous Orgy Ass Fucking Brothers because it’s just a fun thing to do, which they think is the biggest reward of their Freedom.

    Am I wrong?

    • Can you believe that even The Onion once thought that open displays of hugely promiscuous Ass Fucking behavior might be a detriment to the Community and the Lifestyle? Now, in 2022, the media and the Government have taken every possible measure to ensure that no matter how abnormal and deviant Promiscuous Ass Fucking Behavior is, it’s NORMAL, and even though 99% of the people who are contracting the disease are Promiscuous Ass Fuckers, that’s just another lifestyle choice that should NEVER be stigmatized and requires a “whole of government” response.

    • It’s interesting to me that the Berlin nightclub in Chicago is now saying that ID and Proof of Vax is REQUIRED to enter the Club. Proof of WHICH vax? Monkeypox? Measles? COVID?

      I think it would be interesting from a pediatric (and later) endocrine point of view if we spent a few billion dollars figuring out why some people think they’re gay in the first place. Then we should identify the genetic markers and allow the parents of those people to selectively abort the fetuses. But that’s just me – and I know nobody wants to do that – it’s not just politically radioactive and career-ending, but it’s probably easier than we think.

      Our government doesn’t exist to solve problems, though. It exists to CREATE them so that money can be wasted on them.

      Over and out.

    • @Alex: “Promiscuous Ass Fuckers”

      Years ago, my mother referred to them as “Fudge Packers.

    • @Alex, relax! 🙂

      Once “Ass Fucking” is added to our K-12 school curriculum, we will eradicate Monkeypox in the USA because everyone will know how to have “safe” ass fucking. Problem solved.

  3. My takeaway from all of this is that no matter what kind of deviant heedless perversity you want to celebrate, the United States government will stand behind you as long as it’s your choice and Hollywood supports it. If it causes huge problems that other people have to pay for – that’s FINE, because taxpayers can’t possibly disagree once the money has been appropriated, and there is no degree of deviance that we cannot accept and normalize, as long as it makes money for politicians, radio hosts and booksellers, not to mention movie producers.

    That’s the government we have. As Donald Rumsfeld once famously said: “You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want.”

  4. Can’t wait for mask mandates to be inflicted on everyone in order to avoid admitting the mane vector is a certain behavior of a certain group of men. It’s clear that the barriers to promiscuity are a lot lower when men do it with other men.

  5. Dear Phil

    Trump Won, the election was stolen, (the Uniparty has been stealing for more than 50 years and Gore won in hanging chad Florida) so nothing else matters. (Look what POS War Profiteer Dick Cheney said about Trump today in a radio ad for his daughter)

    Russia is knocking the snot out of Ukraine, the war was over in March just because the Russians did not use “Shock & Awe” doesn’t mean they are losing, oh and those are US backed bio weapons labs over there and in the antarctic right next to Americans backed Nazis. Ukraine is ground zero for our elites money laundering too.

    The Global Elites with the help of America’s Billionaires are in the process of taking over the US (on the Nationalist side are Trump, Russia and Saudi Arabia) Being force fed LGBTQ, racism and cancel culture are just tools in the tyrant’s toolbox.

    The vaccine kills, ask my friend Terry, RIP, and is being used as cover for the upcoming change in the global financial system (not necessarily backed by Bitcoin) and the continued in your face election theft.

    Get with the program, we got bigger problems then mosquitos.

    • I am almost positive I sense certain disappointment here – as if you voted for Biden and got vaxxed three times, but then still got covid and to fill up your car now costs 3x from horrid Trump years. It cannot be a problem on your side, methinks. All PhilG fault 🙂

  6. Could he say he is coming to attend a BLM protest, since c19 restrictions don’t apply there? Maybe he wants to make a pilgrimage to the statue of Saint George Floyd.

  7. This blog can’t keep up with the “current things”, it seems – being an anti-vaxxer is such an outdated thing in the year 2022! Djokovic is a much bigger sinner than that now – even if tomorrow Djokovic changes sex and becomes Time magazine’s 2022 Woman of the year, it still won’t absolve him from the gravest sin of all – siding with Evil and calling the righteous Wimbledon’s ban of the Evil participants “crazy” – imagine that!

  8. In San Francisco, the Kink Festival is going on as planned, in the middle of the Monkeypox epidemic, and nobody is taking any steps to slow it down or maybe cancel it this year:

    Even Dan Savage agrees with me that telling gay men to slow down so they can get monkeypox under control and stop it from harming them and others is a smart idea. It’s not homophobia. It’s not hate. But as Erick Erickson points out today (and I’m sure Dan Savage disagrees with Erick Erickson as a matter of principle) – the public health system in this country as we call it, has become a political tool and is TOTALLY untrustworthy.

    “They closed our schools and churches while designating abortion centers, marijuana dispensaries, and liquor stores “essential services.” They said small business owners protesting to reopen their businesses were super spreaders, and you were a super bigot if you did not protest in the streets for racial justice. They scream about the fentanyl epidemic killing our kids but won’t advocate for closing the border. They screw up research on Alzheimer’s and fabricate studies to normalize transgenderism. Now, while lecturing us to lock down and stay away from grandma, they can’t bring themselves to say “stop having orgies” lest they stigmatize the gay community.

    It really is time to stop trusting the public health establishment.

    How could anyone ever trust their claims on vaccine integrity when they lack the integrity to speak truthfully about the spread of monkeypox and demand the necessary actions to stop its spread? They want to bar your kids from school if they don’t take the COVID vaccine with which they’ll still get COVID but could not bring themselves to cancel the kink festival in the actual epicenter of monkeypox for the nation wherein gay hedonists could actually and probably did spread monkeypox. Heck, they even screwed up vaccine distribution for monkeypox.”

    The problem is that Novak Djokovic started out on the WRONG SIDE of the Political Health Establishment, and once you have been on their bad side, you’re stuck there forever. He was outspoken about not being vaccinated and it doesn’t matter now if he declares that he needs to come to America because he enjoys fucking other men up the ass. He’s been condemned.

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