Does Science say that Djokovic can compete in the U.S. Open?

Science (as embodied in the CDC) now says that filthy deplorable germ-spreading unvaccinated people and clean virtuous vaccinated people should be treated the same with respect to coronapanic (see story from state-sponsored media below). Will Novak Djokovic then be allowed to play in the U.S. Open?

Separately, I am a little fuzzy on why anything should change for those who Follow the Science. According to the Google, COVID-19 killed 1,049 Americans on August 10, 2021. That level of carnage resulted in mask orders for public schools (but unmasked adults could spend an evening visiting the essential Marijuana shops of Massachusetts and then meeting new friends on Grindr or Tinder), forced vaccinations, the banishment of heretics from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. What was the level of carnage on August 10, 2022? 872 Americans killed. With a nearly identical number of deaths, for those who believe in the efficacy of mask orders, school closures, and forced vaccination, why give up these protective measures now?

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  1. With a nearly identical number of deaths, for those who believe in the efficacy of mask orders, school closures, and forced vaccination, why give up these protective measures now?

    Because Joe Biden is now president!

    • TS: But Comrade Joe was also our President a year ago! We have been governed by Science for more than 1.5 years.

    • But mid-term elections were far away one year ago and Democrats enjoyed giving ultimate f-u to public that is suffering from long term memory loss, according to the (rea?) polls.

  2. there is no reason why unvaccinated americans, can play at the US Open,and foreigners do not.
    The virus makes no diference where individuals come from. And also unvaccinated crowd at Flushing Meadows,are allowed,as long as they are americans. So we are talking about prejudice!

    • Carlos: that’s a great point. There could be hundreds or thousands of disgusting unvaccinated people spewing out their filthy germy breath on the campus. An American heretic who refuses to follow Science could even play tennis as a competitor. Yet Science proves that Djokovic’s presence at the event would start a lethal plague.

  3. Except that COVID doesn’t kill that many people, by far, never did. Magically, the normal methods for determining primary cause of death and recording/reporting it went totally out of window. These days you can die from terminal cancer and have it recorded as COVID. Not even positive test is needed, just supiction based on fairly generic symptoms of a respiratory infection. Flu simply… disappeared. Magic!

    Well, if govenment showers hospitals with money as long as it is for treating COVID, every illness starts to look awfully like COVID. Incentives work.

  4. According to the CDC, the 7-day average on 8/10/22 is 400, after being steady at roughly that level for 4 months.

    On the same day in 2021, that number was 727/day, on its way to nearly 2k/day in Sep of 21, and 2.7k/day in Feb of 22.

    So we’re down 85% from the latest high and holding steady.

    The graph makes this obvious:

    Deaths are way down even though infections are way up.

    People who get infected have a much easier time with the disease now.

    This is all common knowledge, right?

    • David: why does Science then require that Djokovic be banned by the Science-following Biden administration?

  5. I loved this article from CNN via MSN:
    (scroll down)

    “What the CDC is, in my opinion, trying to do, they are trying to still be relevant, and maybe when they say something, people will listen to them instead of being completely 180 degrees away from what behavior is anyway,” Chin-Hong said.”

    I don’t see what the problem is. The CDC is no longer even recommending social distancing. I don’t understand how they can bar him from competing when they have people who are known positive walking around and no longer under any social distancing requirements. It makes very little sense.

    • Related: I was in a big hospital for almost a full day recently getting “various things done.” Of course, at the entrances everyone is still being screened and everyone is handed a brand new cloth “medical” mask. Once inside though, you find that many of the staff are wearing them at “half mast” or have completely dispensed with them and they were not barred from administering care to me. I didn’t ask if any of them were vaccinated and boosted.

      If they’re not wearing them in the hospital – where there are lots of really sick, elderly and frail people – and the CDC has eliminated social distancing, I cannot fathom how he can be barred from competing.

    • If you scroll waaaaaay down in that article, you can read Randi Weingarten’s advice:

      “Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the nation’s largest teachers unions, said the new guidelines were welcome news for schools.

      “COVID-19 and other viruses are still with us, but with multiple prevention and treatment options available, now is not the time for new mandates. Instead, let’s ensure these tools are available and accessible: vaccines, testing and masks (and no stigma for those who mask),” Weingarten wrote in an email to CNN.”

      I think if he is barred from competition, he should show up anyway, wearing an N95, with a clown carrying a monkey wearing a mask and a mango juggler on a unicycle. Just for the cameras.

      “They wouldn’t let me compete in their clown show, so I brought my own.”

  6. Can’t let him compete since he has an unfair advantage of not having a body full of clotting agents as all his vaccinated competitors do.

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