9 thoughts on “Inflation Reduction Act already working

  1. Forces so far beyond any Prole’s control they shouldn’t concern themselves with it. What happens will be caused by the hands of our Gods.

  2. Seeing E85 makes it feel like 2005 again. Generation X is in the top 30 under 30 again. The stonk market is back at 10,000. Dip buyers beware.

  3. The inflation reduction act needs to kick into high gear, because Americans are getting poorer and poorer. Here are year over year real wage gains (raises minus inflation) for the last 16 months:

    Apr: -3.4%
    May: -2.7%
    Jun: -1.3%
    Jul: -1.0%
    Aug: -0.9%
    Sep: -0.5%
    Oct: -0.8%
    Nov: -1.4%
    Dec: -2.1%

    Jan: -1.9%
    Feb: -2.5%
    Mar: -2.6%
    Apr: -2.5%
    May: -2.9%
    Jun: -3.4%
    Jul: -3.0%

  4. Philip exhibits short memory typical of American electorate which he is lampooning here.
    $3.65 of course is very expensive and is about 80% more expensive that I was paying in October of 2020, and just this past Friday my local fuel prices varied from $4.25 to $4.60 per gallon, did not check today. In the adjacent area 50 miles away that has little or no state income tax prices varied for $4.00 in very busy, inconvenient enter – exit pass-through location with competing gas stations every quarter mile to same $4.60
    Traveled throu South East and gs prices were consistently lower there by 20 – 40 cents per gallon through the recent hike.
    So thank your governor DeSantis for having great economy.
    Of course Saudis increased production by 30% after their peak oil genies found out that Biden is again going to arm their masters but also fuel is down due to dropping demand. The recession is for real, local small business that has been popular for over 80 years and relies on family labor is going out of business, people have less spendable income, government check is going to go s far especially when it inflates supply prices.

    • Now that electorate hails Biden as great oil prices reducer from a little above $2 per gallon to around $4 per gallon (or at least we are told so via media and “polls”) do you think that 40 cents price drop would last much longer then November 2022? And if es then why?

  5. Does the inflation reduction act have any provisions that the fed must sell the bonds it squired since inflation exceeded 2%?

  6. $3.16 in FL panhandle. It has silenced the GOP bros shouting “whatabout gas prices!”

    As I’ve said before, “Gas goes up and down. Right now it’s going down (or up).

    • Donald: I wish someone could explain to me the vast price differences for gasoline within Florida. I don’t think that it can be tax because Palm Beach County’s tax rate for gas is only 6 cents per gallon yet consistently stations that are 30 minutes south of Stuart, FL will charge 15-50 cents more per gallon. And Stuart itself is apparently about 50 cents per gallon more than what you’re paying in the panhandle (unless that $3.16 number is Costco; it is $3.23/gallon at Costco in Palm Beach County, which actually is consistent with the 6 cent/gallon tax!).

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