We’re Pregnant

My favorite group on Facebook is the Golden Retriever Club. The gift that keeps on giving recently yielded a linguistic innovation. You know how people who are not, in fact, pregnant people will say “We’re pregnant” when a household member is a pregnant person? Here’s the natural extension…

Another example of why Mindy the Crippler and I love this group:

And here’s a story about the SWAT team:

Separately, a native German speaker got in trouble with the moderators for using the word “bitch” (literal translation from the German) to describe a canine identifying as female. Speaking of pregnancy and Europe, a friend over in that correctly governed part of the world informed me of the recent birth of a daughter. My immediate response regarding the 6-week-old was to ask, “Has she received her first COVID-19 vaccination yet?”

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  1. For people who are interested and have the means to care for an adopted Golden, some that have been abused (but by no means all): I can recommend the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue organization….


    They have rescued thousands of Golden Retrievers in six NE states, and they also offer some other breeds.

    The last Golden we owned c/o YGRR was Cody, a spayed male approximately four years old when my family decided to take him. He had been owned to that point by a man who was unspeakably cruel and tried to convert a Golden Retriever into a fighting dog, and among other injuries broke his nose during that process.

    Cody was fear aggressive (no wonder why) for about the first two years, which required us to use extra care around strangers. That behavior gradually extinguished itself over time and he was unbelievably loving and loyal to my family, a wonderful dog and a great walking partner always eager for a game of “catch” and Peanut Butter Guard.

    When my parents picked him up, he was released from his leash and broke into a a run of about 50 yards to their minivan, where he LEAPT into the rear hatch in a single bound. He wanted OUT. He lived a long and happy life with us, passing away of natural causes at around 12.5 years old; a big, beautiful friend with a thick coat and surprisingly mild “age marks.” As per usual for Goldens, he was exceptionally perceptive, and their home quickly became his home.

    Not for everyone, keep in mind … there ARE homeless Golden Retrievers out there in the world. Their owners die unexpectedly, sometimes you have sick people like Cody’s previous owner, etc., etc.

    • Sorry… “neutered male…” With 150+ gender IDs I’m beginning to get fuzzy on the distinctions.

    • By the way, it is interesting that The Register, which went from an irreverent, critical publication to a woke and often corporate-friendly one in the last couple of years, is making blatant mistakes:

      The programming language used by Coq is called Gallina. CoC is the underlying formalism. Coq is the name of the actual software that people interact with.

      According to The Register, a Lisp implementation like Lispworks would be a “programming language”!

      This highlights the race to the bottom that the virtuous have inflicted on the industry.

    • Is French for rooster troubling European programmers? God knows what they are thinking all the time about.

    • @Eurocrat: I lost track of The Register a while ago, but I vividly remember their coverage of the Microsoft Antitrust trial featuring Ed Felten from Princeton proving that IE could be “unwelded” from the OS as long as someone was smart enough to be a Princeton computer science professor. Do they still have “The Bootnotes of Lou?”

      I think I remember their hilarious take on a press release from Andy Grove of Intel that characterized British IT journalists as “cynical in the extreme.”

      Wow were those the days!


  2. perplexed: The original complaint about the name came from North America. As usual in these cases, no one dares to contradict in public and starts virtue signaling. As far as I can see, nothing has been renamed so far.

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