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I was on a call with an MIT professor who, after expressing his horror at the post-Roe age in which we somehow live, expressed the belief that the dictatorship of Ron DeSantis has prevented libraries in Florida from stocking the books that Americans should be reading now. I said “DeSantis and the state can say and do whatever they want, but ultimately it is counties that decide what books to buy. If you walk into the kids’ section of our local Palm Beach County library you would see all of the same books featured in all of the same ways as in Lexington, Massachusetts or Newton, MA. You would have to dig deep, for example, to find a book describing the achievements of a white cisgender heterosexual male.”

After voting in the primary (Ron DeSantis and affiliated thugs attempted to suppress my vote by demanding ID, but I thwarted this attempt by bringing my wallet), I took a few photos in our local library. All of these are from the kids/juvenile section.

Would a child get the impression that there was anything less than glorious about the 2SLGBTQQIA+ lifestyle? Not from reading Heather Has Two Mommies, he/she/ze/they wouldn’t.

Is there anything unusual about changing one’s gender or being “genderqueer”? No.

Is it a beautiful thing when members of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community kick a soccer ball as expertly as a 14-year-old boy? Yes.

Gender ID can change at any moment, but it turns out that nearly all engineering and scientific advances were made by people with a particular gender ID:

And gender ID of the subject turns out to be a big factor in whether a book will be featured:

The entire world is being destroyed because there are too many humans living the American high-CO2 lifestyle. At the same time, we should expand our population by 200+ million via immigration from low-CO2 countries.

Kids can prep for a lucrative career in the nonprofit sector:

One final way to guarantee being featured by the librarians:


  • “American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten admitted to sharing a false tweet claiming that certain books were banned in Florida on Sunday.” (Hate Central)
  • “Fact check: Fake list of banned Florida books circulates widely online” (USA Today): “While school districts can ban books through a process created by the new law, Florida has not banned any books at the state level, a spokesperson for Gov. Ron DeSantis told USA TODAY. In fact, several works on the list have been recommended to school districts by the state Department of Education.” [Is it accurate to say that a book was “banned” because a school district no longer promotes it to students and the book remains available at the nearest public library?]

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  1. > I was on a call with an MIT professor who, after expressing his horror at the post-Roe age in which we somehow live….

    I realize that many people who attend MIT and subsequently teach there are – sadly – a little “slow” and tend not to be very inquisitive or careful thinkers who can read both deeply and widely, but I do have to ask: Does your professor friend know anything about the original decision, how it was, er, “made” out of emanating penumbras, etc., and the subsequent legal history of the decision?

    I mean, I know that academics are supposed to be super-specialized people who only read and conduct research within their infinitessimally narrow areas of specialization. But aren’t there any closet Renaissance Men among them who even dabbled in that legal “decisionmaking” process and what it came to mean in terms of “stare decisis?”

  2. Regarding the local library selection: It’s good to see that librarians in Palm Beach County are #Resisting the insane directives of Reichsführer DeSantis! So far, it seems, without any stormtroopers busting down the doors and breaking their Dutch Architect reading glasses, thank goodness!

  3. >You would have to dig deep, for example, to find a book describing the achievements of a white cisgender heterosexual male.

    Assuming that’s how he’s identifying these days, what with his “Billy Bibbitt meets Skrillex” taste in hairstyles – and I know you probably didn’t have time to photograph everything – I’m kind of surprised this, at the very least, wasn’t more prominently displayed:

    Not even him, huh? He’s Lord Elon! Here to save us all!

    “The Norwegian owners believe that if they can raise the issue to the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, all will be resolved.”

    OK enough for one day and I’m sure your other readers will agree.

  4. They sure keep some totally stupid professors at MIT…

    Anyway, with shit like that going on, no wonder a growing number of Americans would love to have Putin as the President.

  5. You must’ve been conspicuous, photographing a dozen or more book covers in the in those genres. Was there any attention paid to you by the librarians?

    • Anthony: the librarians were as curious about the customers as any other government workers!

  6. Most of those books the library is promoting are about “feelings” and “emotions” — stuff that kids should be learning at home from their parents NOT from strangers who are brainwashing those kids with their own agenda.

  7. Librarians will eventually twig that Angelina’s interest in books is more about nibbling the bindings, whatever the pictured work claims.

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