Peaflation at Publix

Until a few months ago, we paid $1.99 for 16 oz. of frozen peas. Now it is $2.29 for 15 oz. That’s 23 percent inflation.


  • “Frozen food category surges amid inflation: ‘It’s a dramatic shift,’ says food exec” (Yahoo! Finance, May 2022): Saffron Road’s Durrani added that “frozen is now considered an ESG value,” as well— representing yet another benefit to the overall category. …”Consumers are making a discerning choice to pay up for ‘better-for-you’ brands,” he continued, adding that the brand upped its pricing twice since the start of the pandemic — once last year (+5%) and again this year (+5%). “We haven’t seen any backlash when it comes to those price increases,” he revealed.

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  1. Sourcing paper for a job: 11×17 60lb cover stock, carton of 1250 sheets, 5 reams of 250:

    May, 15, 2022 price from our supplier: $54.85 or ~4.4 cents per sheet
    September 22, 2022 price from alternate supplier: $82.95 or ~6.6 cents per sheet
    > 50% Increase

    The company that actually produces the paper no longer manufactures this size and weight, a change which has happened in the past six months according to one of our *very* large wholesale suppliers. We use this particular size and especially weight (163 grams/square meter, which is relatively light for a cover stock) to produce custom tickets for another industrial company, with variable numbering. Three per 11×17 sheet, perfed in the middle. The relatvely light weight means that it feeds perfectly through *their* printer – they take the tickets and print all sorts of data on each one, using an old-fashioned dot-matrix printer that is stone-axe reliable and they are loath to replace, but if the paper is too heavy (80lb/216 gsm) they have feeding problems.

    We searched for several days in our area and came up with nothing, unless we wanted to pay more than $120 per carton. Luckily I was able to locate a company with an east coast warehoure that still contains 130 cartons of it, so we’re buying extra. Once it’s gone, we’ll be dependent on another brand at the higher price.

    The client is not going to be thrilled.

    • same administration which multiple times summer 2021 assured us that inflation was temporary, and that it would come back down within a few more months.

    • A few months ago those same people said inflation was 0%, but that they also needed to spend $737B on an “act” to reduce inflation. Hmmm.

    • Inflation Reduction Act is another farce. So transfer $7500 to EV buyers, who are on average wealthier than the average American (regressive like student loan forgiveness). Will mostly enrich EV manufacturers, as they will raise sticker price by $7500. All the prescription drug price reductions in the bill were existing programs due to take effect, thanks to Trump efforts before he left office. Already signed into law by President Biden last month — of course it was!

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