Climate Change and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Aviation

Starting right now at NBAA in Orlando… “Climate Risks & Business Aviation” taught by a friend from Maskachusetts (an aviation lender):

Join us for an introduction, categorization and explanation of the climate risks facing business aviation. We’ll also include predictions and estimations of the impact climate has on the industry. Participants will walk away from this session with a better understanding of why this is so relevant for our industry, and how climate risks could impact the industry’s future survival.

The first casualty of climate change is diversity, apparently, because “DE&I in Business Aviation – Practical Implementation” is scheduled to conflict with the above:

How can a variety of business aviation organizations, like aircraft operators, FBOs and other service providers, successfully introduce diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) principles into their daily operations? Attend this session to get guidance and practical tips to building your organization’s DE&I strategy.

Hope to see everyone there!

20 thoughts on “Climate Change and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Aviation

  1. “It’s absolutely not about quota.” And then
    … “Look at the complexion of your employee base to evaluate where your are.”

    • There are “dear friends” involved (can we agree to send everyone who uses this term to Venezuela in exchange for all of the folks that they’re sending to enrich our economy). “Lean In” is referenced tangentially. Creating emotionally safe spaces in the office is critical to safety.

    • Black pilots cannot be safe because they are constantly exposed to microaggressions and that takes up a lot of energy.

  2. And both of them conflict with what’s going on in Theater 1: “Meet the Regulators”:

    “This is your chance to ask questions and hear directly from the government decision-makers. Join us for a discussion with the FAA’s senior leadership, including FAA’s Associate administrator for aviation safety, for insight on several important topics including safety management systems; training programs; mental health and medical certificate concerns; MELs; the upcoming equipment deadlines and other important operational issues affecting business aviation.”

    In fact they have a total of **five** important-sounding events that are overloaded into the same time slot, including “Supporting UAS in Your Flight Department” and “Growing the Aviation Maintenance Workforce.”

    It would seem to me, at least, that anyone interested in diversity, equity and inclusion would also want to “Meet the Regulators.” I do hope they at least record the sessions so that members can watch them later!

    It’s almost as bad as Comdex was during the Dotcom Boom 1.0 !

  3. Switched over to the climate talk. Banks are going to stop funding polluting industries. Will be forced to cut off coal mines and oil by regulators (Joe Biden!) even if not by shareholders.

    • Airports are often built in filled swamps. Logan, Miami, etc. Flood risk. (But so what? RSW and FMY were hit by hurricane Ian and not damaged. FMY is 17’ above sea level.

    • Sustainable Aviation Fuel is the solution. Cuts carbon emissions by 80%. Davos meeting was critical for building support.

    • Regulators could shut down the Gulfstream and BBJ party if business aviation doesn’t put a fig leaf on the carbon emissions image problem. (It is mostly an image problem that a Gulfstream G700 for one passenger is somehow wasteful of Earth’s resources.)

  4. Distantly related: MSN informs me that Lufthansa is celebrating two memorable aircraft in advance of its 100th Anniversary, which is four years from now: the Lockheed L-1649A Super Star (last variant of the Constellation) and the Junkers Ju 52 (a.k.a. – one of Hitler’s personal aircraft.)

    A little surfing and I found this wonderful account of a Los Angeles to London trip via the polar route, in a Constellation piloted by Bob Buck, “back in the day”:

    “I was thinking about flying between Los Angeles and Albuquerque as a brand new copilot, twenty-one years ago. It was amusing to reflect that if I had made a prophecy then, out loud, that someday I’d be Captain of a nonstop scheduled flight from Los Angeles to London they would have run me off to the booby hatch. But here I was flying it.”

    • @alex, thanks for the TWA link, I didn’t know the recips had that kind of range (apparently they had the option to top up at Goose Bay). I started at Delta in 1965, before it was all jets, but we just had a couple of international flights from New Orleans to Caracas flown by DC-8s. Our last mainline recip was the DC-7; it had the big turbo compound radial Wright 3350s same as Connies but I started as powerplant engineer on the “new” DC-9. It was a lot of fun growing from 110 planes to over 700, not so much fun operating on that scale.

  5. No pecan pie labels because they are microaggressions that worsen Climate Change? Ask question about thermostatic death of Universe due law of entropy growth, isn’t climate bound to start changing due to it?

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