Important firsts from election night

There have been plenty of “lesbian” state governors in the past, apparently, but this is the first time a “lesbian woman” has prevailed in a race: (NYT):

From the West Coast (Advocate):

Also from the NYT:

Readers: What else have you found as historic firsts?

In other post-election analysis news:

8 thoughts on “Important firsts from election night

  1. Can’t imagine what ludicrous drivel the 1 republican winner had to spew out to win over the current generation. Calif* doesn’t even have any republican house candidates. Wonder if the ballots are turned into recycled paper or if the lion kingdom’s march to city hall is just a landfill deposit.

    • I’m not sure exactly what Calif* refers to, but there are at least five republican house members from California. One of them is a Caltech graduate, flight instructor, who is loudly anti-mask and anti-school closings. I would think that is a PhilG dream candidate.

  2. I don’t think it’s his first run for US Senate but with 2.1% of the vote. Chase Oliver (Libertatian – LGBT) is/was the first out, gay Senate candidate in Georgia and probably is the first LGBT candidate to force a US Senate runoff. He is also, apparently, SUPER GAY and SUPER CUTE, although I am struggling to find that link right now. Google had it as of this morning but it has vanished somehow. You’ll have to make do with this one.

    He ran for House District 5 in 2020. Here’s an interview.

  3. And I also don’t lnow if it would qualify as a ‘first’ but I get the impression that quite a few (R) political consultants should be made into delicious shark cheeseburgers.

    Note: shark butchery prep. begins at the beginning, cheeseburger prep. begins @ approx. 29:05.

    • True, though deserving of an asterisk forever IMHO since how can we know if a past governor (say from the 19th century) wasn’t really trans but had to keep her penis in the closet, so to speak?

  4. We also had the first gay on gay congressional contest (Zimmerman vs Santos) in our district. So things must get much better now right? Rainbows and unicorns indeed.

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