Leashflation: 33 percent compared to March 2021

Mindy the Crippler’s primary leash, purchased in March 2021 from chewy.com:

The upper snap, useful for parking a dog outside of a shop, has failed. The same product is still available on chewy.com:

That’s a 33 percent price increase in what the human and AI minds at Chewy.com think that a consumer will be willing to pay. The leash is actually available at $30 from Zappos so maybe this proves our Native American elders correct. Consumers are now so accustomed to Bidenflation that they won’t question dramatically higher prices. This leads to price gouging ($5 worth, in this case) and massive profits.

4 thoughts on “Leashflation: 33 percent compared to March 2021

  1. It’s even more potent when you bought the product two years ago, liked it, are still using it and someone either asks for a recommendation or you decide to buy an additional one for some reason. If you like your friend asking for the reco you’ll say: “I like mine a lot BUT the price has jumped by 1/3rd in two years. You should maybe shop around.”

    Surprised to see the Carhartt piece fail so soon. Does it show where was it made?

    • Carhartt’s website helpfully says. “Country of Origin: Imported”

      I don’t know where on Google’s Earth the Republic of Imported is, but I can guess they don’t want to be more specific since the brand is marketed to a lot of patriotic Americans walking their dogs.

  2. For that price, the lion kingdom would try fixing the old leash. strapworks.com has metal parts like that.

  3. Just cut the broken upper snap off and put a cheap carabiner / snap hook on there. Works like a charm.

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