The Illustrated History of Corn Pop as a Christmas Gift?

It’s December and therefore time to think about Christmas gifts. My vote for best all-around gift, suitable for friends and family of all ages… Joey: The Story of Joe Biden, by Dr. Jill Biden (who better to tell the story than a physician who wasn’t around at the time?).

The Vanquisher of Corn Pop who kept Americans safe from SARS-CoV-2 was an early safety advocate:

Sometimes the best way to avoid spreading a contagious virus is a communal bowl:

Readers: Any better ideas for Christmas gifts?


4 thoughts on “The Illustrated History of Corn Pop as a Christmas Gift?

  1. I’m usually terrible at giving Christmas gift recommendations to others because I like to spend some time thinking about the person and their recent history so that I can come up with something that really delights them.

    But I actually think this book would be a good gift for a relatively young precocious kid. It looks to be nicely illustrated and provides a window into a time in the recent.past where Joe Biden actually fit into the party that he’s that he’s now the leader of, even though it has lurched away from him so radically.

    1) People with XX chromosomes were Women [brain fade check: Was that even known when Biden was the Lifeguard at the pool?] and sadly, men did not yet give birth. But since nobody has really canceled the book along those lines yet, I guess we can accept thatf raming human life that way was a positive influence on Biden’s character.

    Or at least if you’re a bookstore owner or Librarian, roll your eyes, shake your head and go along with it because he’s probably not running again.

    He also sounds as though he was naturally chivalrous and even a little macho, at least where Corn Pop was concerned. But in the end, a Peacemaker.

    2) It’s always nice to have half gallon containers of ice cream and a lot of Absolute Truth to share with your family. Again the smarter kids might ask: “And how does that carry over into being a politician?” Thus the book could serve as a starting point for a discussion of recent American history and Joe Biden’s career, first as a lawyer and later as a politician.

    Good luck! Buy cool stuff that lasts!

  2. I always chuckle at the American obsession with being a star athlete. Like, so what? Who cares? I think many of us as kids could kick a ball, throw a ball, or hit a ball. Doing it exceptionally well in a class of peers (like 30-60 peers? All of which could be different in age by up to 12 months). Almost all of the “star athletes” from my high school years are now either washed up high school coaches, working as managers at Chili’s, or working at the meat deli counter, maybe real estate. All are super fat too. Why does anyone think it is special? In most cases it was probably a distraction from learning something useful for the future. Sports should just be for fun. Just go out and play after school.

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