Will Jews have to pay reparations to Kanye West?

Ye (formerly Kanye West) said that Jews controlled the media and, to show how wrong he was, Jews got him removed from all media. He was at least briefly back on Twitter, though, thanks to the non-Jewish Elon Musk. If Congress and Joe Biden get organized with a reparations system for Black Americans (see below), will Jews end up paying Kanye’s $8/month verification fee? And also Louis Farrakhan’s? (“Farrakhan has accused Jews of controlling the media, government, and global economy, along with being behind the Atlantic slave trade, Jim Crow laws, and black oppression in general. He regularly calls Jews “Satanic” and has repeatedly praised Adolf Hitler as a “very great man.””)

Speaking of Farrakhan, the Twitter Righteous apparently never banned him despite his denial of Science (example below implying that ivermectin is effective against SARS-CoV-2). Marjorie Taylor Greene was banned for saying that COVID vaccines did not prevent COVID infection/transmission (ultimately it turned out that Science had always believed and said this). Why didn’t the Misinformation Team promote Online Safety by banning Farrakhan?

It looks like the Anti-Defamation League supports reparations (example 1: example 2). (CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is closing in on $1 million/year according to IRS filings so he can afford to pay Kanye a significant amount.) I would love to see tweets from Kanye West and Louis Farrakhan talking about all of the stuff that they did with the reparations they received from Jews!

2 thoughts on “Will Jews have to pay reparations to Kanye West?

  1. We’ll know we are officially in the dystopia when this stops being fanciful. Race based reparations falling mainly on the Jews? If history is any guide, sure thing.

    • NB: I wasn’t thinking that the burden of paying the long-overdue reparations to Ye would be entirely on the shoulders of Jews. I also think it will be beautiful if recent immigrants, e.g., who escaped personal slavery in Mauritania, have to pay. My thought was only that at least some of Ye’s money would come from Jewish Democrats and they could sleep better at night knowing that their hard work had paid off.

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