Gender studies graduates at Twitter fact-check the Harvard Medical School professor

Here’s a great example of gender studies graduates at Twitter practicing California-style Science. A statement is scientifically false if it “goes against CDC guidelines” (as it happens, Professor Kulldorff’s March 2021 heresy of recommending COVID-19 shots primarily for older folks is today the official policy of the Danish government, informed by MD/PhDs).

What was the result of the censorship? The journalist explains in a tweet later in the thread:

After Twitter took action, Kulldorff’s tweet was slapped with a “Misleading” label and all replies and likes were shut off, throttling the tweet’s ability to be seen and shared by many people, the ostensible core function of the platform:

In my review of internal files, I found countless instances of tweets labeled as “misleading” or taken down entirely, sometimes triggering account suspensions, simply because they veered from CDC guidance or differed from establishment views.

Separately, my rage against long-form argument in a Twitter thread is somewhat reduced because I’ve found the “read like a book” icon at the top of the screen. Here’s how it then renders:

3 thoughts on “Gender studies graduates at Twitter fact-check the Harvard Medical School professor

  1. what will the effects be of the Marxist pseudoscience and government/deep state censorship via Twitter and other forums…The suppression of not just alternative points of view, but scientific research and discussion?

    The impact on children is very visible but what about its negative effect on scientific development in the West?

    I keep thinking of the effect of the Ukrainian Lysenko protected by the Ukrainian Kruschev in the Soviet Union.

    on a separate note, I noticed that Huawei takes in more patent revenue than it pays in patent licensing source

  2. CDC “guidance” has been way behind the science and strongly biased against any declaration that Covid is airborne, and six feet ain’t gonna do it in a crowded, poorly ventilated space like a movie theater or restaurant.

    Although I can see how they might consider CDC guidance the “objective truth,” the CDC dropped the ball. Wikipedia has better info.

    Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan knew better, partly because they experienced SARS and other similar diseases already.

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