A Bidenflation New Year’s Eve party

Some photos from a recent trip to Costco where we stocked up for holiday entertaining. A roast feeds a lot of (masked-for-safety) people inexpensively:

Wash it down with some red wine, reduced in price thanks to a glut in Australia:

Costco in Florida offers fun family fireworks for after dinner:

And the local Publix agrees that explosives and incendiaries are safe for the whole family:

Happy New Year to everyone!

8 thoughts on “A Bidenflation New Year’s Eve party

  1. Happy New Year!
    Costco is one of my favorite brands, especially the gas!

    Thanks for all that you have shared this year. I look forward to the continued articles in 2023!

  2. Prices for beef are the same in Europe. You can easily pay $80 per kg for medium quality steak from the supermarket.

    The technocrats recommend cricket powder for the non-elites. It seems to be at around $50 per kg. I wonder how the Great Reset will work at those prices.

  3. Mainstream economic theory says that inflation is necessary for the economy, because rising prices prompt perfectly-rational people to spend their money today, rather than saving it for later (when it will have less buying power). So more inflation = more spending = better economy (for finance + real estate sectors?). Hooray!

  4. Costco is a private shopping club not open to the general public. Way to show your white privilege and Happy New Years!

  5. Whenever ones drives from northern New Jersey into Pennsylvania, one of the first things they see is a fireworks store. I once got a catalog from one that exists right off the first exit of 78. I can only imagine that they got my name and address from the casino that exists right off of the third exit of 78.

    This is the part of Pennsylvania memorialized by Billy Joel in November 1982 with Allentown.

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