How is Twitter identifying offensive content?

Here’s a puzzler from a Twitter exchange in which I was a passive observer. Twitter says that there are offensive replies:

If a person were to click on “Show”, he/she/ze/they would be exposed to a world of Nazis, anti-2SLGBTQQIA+ hate, Faucism-denial, Trump-support, etc., right? Here’s what was hidden:

How were these replies “offensive”?

Here’s the full thread, started by Dr. Karen (profile says pronouns “he/him” and “Vote Blue”):

Check out the full beard that this physician chooses to wear. How could he possibly achieve any kind of effective seal with a mask, be it cloth, surgical, N95, or N190 (my personal choice: double N95)?

10 thoughts on “How is Twitter identifying offensive content?

  1. It might be the username (“JOntheHOmustgo”), which sounds like a variation of “Let’s go Brandon”. Perhaps that username has been soft-banned manually before Musk took over.

  2. > How were these replies “offensive”?

    It’s another aspect of the mouse-utopia experiment of which we’ve all been the inadvertent subjects since about 1850. Infantilization and feminization are more or less well advanced in all industrialized countries. Western countries are in the vanguard, followed by the prosperous countries of south-east Asia.

    Eastern Europe is catching up and, a little further behind, so are Russia and China. Only in Africa and parts of Asia (Afghanistan in particular) are there still peoples more or less normal by historical standards; also perhaps parts of central and south America.

    What do we associate with women and children? A striving for obedience, safety, security and conformity. Infantilization and feminization therefore produce a dislike of their opposites: self-reliance, individualism, masculinity, risk-taking, diversity of viewpoints and scientific curiosity.

    In the most affected societies, defiance of officially approved precautions has become incomprehensible and abhorrent, i.e. “offensive”, and therefore to be limited or silenced as much as possible.

  3. Rediscovered The Greenspun on twitter. The lion kingdom hasn’t manetained an account on every social network so religiously, ever since geocities shut down.

  4. “Here’s a puzzler from a Twitter”

    Nothing puzzling here… everything said by offensive people is considered offensive by the twits.

    An offensive person is detected through association (following, commenting, liking) well-known Enemies of the People. Who were designated by the three-letter agencies, as we now know from the Twitter Files.

    No artificial “intelligence” or equally intelligent natural stupidity of “fact checkers” or “moderators” is needed. Just plain old wholesale censorship, KGB-style.

  5. Two mask posts in the first three days of 2023. I estimated a couple of days ago that we would see 200+ mask posts this year. You are well ahead of pace, keep it up!

    (as always, so sad to see the idle rich wasting supposed superior cognitive abilities on uninteresting, monotonous addictions)

    • So are you suggesting, that a man of philg’s caliber should perhaps research better masks?

    • The men of superior cognitive abilities have better memories and are not going to forget any time soon that likes of you tried to force-muzzle us. In both literal and metaphorical senses.

      I’m sure you’d love us to stop being addicted to remembering who did that.

    • If you want to build and research a simple model of media manipulation, censorship, changing truths and undue government influence, masks are an excellent study object.

  6. It’s too bad there’s not an effective vaccine for the engineered SuperCold so that the Dr. could feel safe at home.

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