Outdoor masks at the University of California graduate student strike

If you’re freezing cold in a northern lockdown state today, here’s an image (source) that will give you a warm glow: University of California graduate student slaves and other campus peasants picketing for a living wage (from the faculty that claims to be expert at determining how much for-profit corporations should pay their workers out of fairness and decency):

We can see the full range of Faucism here. The bandana against an aerosol virus. The simple surgical mask. Some cloth masks. A double mask (cloth over surgical?). No 3M N95 respirators that might conceivably block some virions.

Keep in mind that these are America’s smartest young people.

Related, a star University of California faculty member cheers on the workers but doesn’t explain why his own peasants had to strike:

6 thoughts on “Outdoor masks at the University of California graduate student strike

  1. It seems that Reich is correct about his pro-immigration stance: An oversupply of underpaid graduate students who cannot afford to live in the region brings prosperity to the UC:


    UC Investments currently manages a portfolio of investments totaling approximately $152 billion, which includes retirement, endowment, and cash assets.

  2. The protester with the bug-eye glasses isn’t using a bandanna! That’s a scarf! Did Fauci ever recommend using a scarf as anti-COVID PPE? Well, anyway, that’s one cool look he/she/they/it has going. Definitely Burning Man material. I wonder what is printed on it? Rules for Radicals?

    Maybe something good will come from this. Maybe people will start to examine the real costs vs. benefits of higher education at elite (and nonelilte) Universities.

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