Great Replacement Theory for Black Americans (from the NYT)

The proven-false Great Replacement Theory:

The Great Replacement … is a white nationalist far-right conspiracy theory disseminated by French author Renaud Camus. The original theory states that, with the complicity or cooperation of “replacist” elites, the ethnic French and white European populations at large are being demographically and culturally replaced with non-white peoples—especially from Muslim-majority countries—through mass migration, demographic growth and a drop in the birth rate of white Europeans.

Let’s check “Why Black Families Are Leaving New York, and What It Means for the City” (New York Times, last month):

Athenia Rodney is a product of the upward mobility New York City once promised Black Americans. She grew up in mostly Black neighborhoods in Brooklyn, graduated from public schools and attended a liberal arts college on a full scholarship. She went on to start her own event-planning business in the city.

But as Ms. Rodney’s own family grew, she found herself living in a cramped one-bedroom rental, where her three children shared a bunk bed in the living room. It was hard to get them into programs that exposed them to green spaces or swim classes. As she scrolled through friends’ social media posts showing off trampolines in spacious backyards in Georgia, the solution became clearer: Leave.

Last summer, the family bought a five-bedroom home in Snellville, Ga.

The Rodneys are part of an exodus of Black residents from New York City. From 2010 to 2020, a decade during which the city’s population showed a surprising increase led by a surge in Asian and Hispanic residents, the number of Black residents decreased.

Citywide, white residents now make up about 31 percent of the population, according to census data, Hispanic residents 28 percent and Asian residents nearly 16 percent. While the white population has stayed about the same, the Asian population grew by 34 percent and Hispanic population grew by 7 percent, according to the data.

Migrants will enjoy the diverse entertainment and cultural opportunities of New York City previously enjoyed by native-born Black Americans, who are being pushed out to places that elite New Yorkers wouldn’t consider visiting for a day, much less relocating to. However, it would be false to call this a “replacement.”


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  1. Denying the drop of the White NY population from 98.04% in 1900 to 34.09% in 2020 ( requires an NYT salary and probably an inherited rent controlled apartment that is passed on among the elites.

    Meanwhile both Whites and Blacks are too uppity and demand living space. Apparently there is still enthusiasm among Asians and LatinX to live with 10 people in 30 square meters.

  2. I though NYC is a welcoming City and will not turn back anyone. But finally, they are admitting they have a problem: “‘Surprise’ in Canada as NYC buses migrants to border” [1]:

    “We are at our breaking point,” the statement read. “Based off our projections, we anticipate being unable to continue sheltering arriving asylum seekers on our own and have submitted an emergency mutual aid request to the State of New York.”

    My question is: instead of bussing them to Canada, why didn’t New York City mayor Eric Adams buss them to Martha’s Vineyard [2]?


  3. @George. There are undoubtedly some talented individuals coming, but drawing them away is a net loss for their home countries. It’s brain drain. And it’s a political release valve for oppressive dictators or corrupt governments –a way to get rid of troublesome thinkers questioning the status quo who might form a political opposition at home. Where the poorly educated masses of immigrants are concerned, their export to USA & EU nations is also a pressure release mechanism, as the problems of housing, feeding, educating and employing masses of restive young men are left up to e.g. aging, indebted Europeans who never voted to adopt millions of foreign adults. Europe has also decided to drop its standards to accommodate its adoptees, so it will soon start to resemble immigrant-heavy US, where even a university diploma is not a guarantee of basic literacy, and where citizenship tests can be taken in Chinese and Spanish. That is to say, not a nation at all, but a Free Trade Zone of itinerant migrants constantly in conflict with each other and the majority (white) culture, which they will scapegoat for every problem.

  4. OT: LA Times, 02/08/23 – Brazen food stamp scammers steal millions from L.A.’s poorest.

    “…In Los Angeles County, officials say more than $19.6 million in EBT benefits were stolen in 2022…Every month, Walker gets $1,580 in cash aid deposited on her EBT card…On Jan. 2, $1,580 vanished at 6:06 a.m. — the fifth time Walker’s funds had been stolen…In California, people whose monthly benefits are stolen can be reimbursed…these thefts are made possible by skimmers — difficult-to-spot devices that easily attach to legitimate card readers. They are usually placed on card machines in locations that people frequent weekly — convenience stores, ATMs and gas stations…”

    • addendum: “On Sept. 1, an operation led by the L.A. County district attorney’s office staked out ATMs in the San Fernando Valley and central L.A. Prosecutors said they arrested 16 people at five ATMs, all of them Romanian nationals. Authorities confiscated over 300 fake cards and about $130,000 in cash.”

    • I don’t know which is more of a failure: the fact that Ms. Walker receives $1580 cash aid each month or that the US allows Romanian scammers into the country.

    • So I’m assuming that, if you are a foreign national and you get picked up doing fraud, the deportation process is super quick and painless for all involved.

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