21-day antiracism, inclusion, diversity, and equity challenge at our former public school in Maskachusetts

Email from the K-8 public school in our former suburb of Boston, featuring 2-acre minimum zoning to ensure that nobody with fewer than 3 million Bidies ($2 million in pre-Biden money) can afford to buy a vacant lot and build a house:

We believe that in order to become and maintain being a district and larger community in which AIDE [antiracism, inclusion, diversity, and equity] thrives, members must commit to their ongoing growth in learning and awareness … To complete the challenge, each day pick just ONE piece of content. We’ve included three kinds:

reading (articles, blogs)
listening (podcasts/audio)
watching (video)

… some are explicitly created for White readers and others speak directly to people of color or specific racial groups.

Many organizations across the town and our connected communities will be participating in the challenge and we hope many of you will join, as well.

My favorite part is that each racial group gets its own reading list!

The included link has a helpful chart:

We are informed that racism is a public health emergency (example from Minneapolis; and “Declare Racism a Public Health Emergency” (New York Times)). Yet, according to the above chart, the emergency is not so severe as to preclude a “Pause for February Vacation”. It is okay to sit on the beach in Aruba while daily oppression continues.

The white background indicates that white is the default and/or preferred race? One good thing about our former town is that I’m pretty sure almost everyone there is qualified as an expert on the Day 4 subject: “What is Whiteness?” Also note that the next step after identifying as 2SLGBTQQIA+ is joining the military (days 18 and 19).

Here are the local victimhood experts:

Here are some photos of Aruba (February 12, 2022) getting ready for the February break arrival of the anti-racists:

18 thoughts on “21-day antiracism, inclusion, diversity, and equity challenge at our former public school in Maskachusetts

    • https://sites.google.com/lincnet.org/lps21dayaidechallenge/day-12 has a huge reading list.

      “The 8-Year-Old Chinese American Girl Who Helped Desegregate Schools–in 1885” and “Black Girls Matter: Pushed out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected” are both included, but there are no explicit instructions for how to choose by reader’s skin color. “I Was a Racist Teacher and I Didn’t Even Know It ” is what I would choose from that day.

  1. According to the tone of the Email this sounds like a political seminar for the general population in Massachusetts Oblast, Boston district. In 5 years attendance will be mandatory.

  2. Think of all the poor people who can’t afford a 2nd home in Fl*rida or aren’t skilled enough to work remotely & have to live in Greenspunchussetts to teach at MIT.

  3. This may be a hasty conclusion, but my theory is that if you see the word “curator” and it is not followed by a preposition (in, at, for) and then the name of an art museum you are reading bs.

  4. People ask why I still come to this website occasionally (other than watching mind rot in real time). In response I ask why “Dr” Phil still subscribes to the email list of his former school district since it triggers him so.

    • I’m still on the town mailing list too! That’s where I get my blog material. Most recently… https://philip.greenspun.com/blog/2023/02/21/a-maskachusetts-immigration-success-story/

      The rich white people on the mailing list are now up in arms about the somewhat richer people whose airplanes will be occupying proposed new hangars at nearby Hanscom Field. After coming home and parking their 6,000 lb. SUVs at their massive suburban houses, they cite “Environmental Justice populations” (impoverished people of color) in Lincoln, MA as the reason that they want to stop the additional hangars. That is a priceless perspective that cannot be given up!

    • Phil, By moving to Florida you made your point on how moronic MA is. There is no point in pointing this again and again. I am not sure why you still have any connections to MA. You should cut all ties to it and write how good things are in FL. I have been living in FL for last 21 years.

    • Anon: You raise a good point, but remember that our country is currently ruled by people who think like my former neighbors so studying what they’re up to is a reasonable guide to what’s next in the 50% of the economy that is government or government-regulated and also the portion of the economy that is dominated by the larger corporations.

      Suppose that you’re going to be a money manager. You can try to collect fees by beating the S&P 500, a goal that academics such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burton_Malkiel have found is almost impossible, or you can start an “ESG” fund and keep collecting fees regardless of whether you underperform. You would never choose that second path (vastly more lucrative) if you didn’t study the Progressives.

      (See https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/01/politics/senate-vote-esg-rule/index.html for how your ESG fund could recently have gotten a big boost from the Vanquisher of Corn Pop.)

    • @Anonymous: That’s b-b-b-aloney. I moved from my home town in New Jersey more than 25 years ago but I am still actively interested in what goes on there – in the town politics, the school system, the police force, the commerce, etc., etc. I have dozens of friends in the Infinite Elsewhere who I talk with on a regular basis and I’ve always told them: if you have a petition to sign or something like that, let me read it, and if I agree with it, I’ll put my name on it and sign it as a former resident who lived there for more most of his childhood and early adulthood. It’s not uncommon at all for people to maintain an interest in the place(s) they used to live, and not just sentimentally, because they spent many years of their lives there, paid taxes there, and were seriously involved and concerned with what goes on there, even after they leave.

      I do, and I visit people there and drive through and stop at the stores there on a quasi-regular basis. It’s a part of me, and the time Philip spent in Lincoln is a part of him, too.

      I’ll not harp too heavily on the fact that – oh yeah, my friend: this is a blog that Philip maintains himself, using his server setup and his money. You’ve got a lot of nerve telling him what to talk about and what not to talk about.

    • Addendum: I think we should start calling our host “PG. Green J” with apologies to LL Cool J (real name James Todd Smith from Bay Shore, Islip Long Island, NY.) Don’t call it a comeback! He’s been here for years!

  5. I wish an old biblical-style religion would come back into vogue. Aging women just need some rubbish to feel morally superior about. Let them denounce golden calves instead of white people, for example. It’s just as reasonable but with no ill effects.

  6. I wish I had the money to buy a house in Lincoln, because if I did I would probably have enough money to rent another building in Lincoln and donate it to provide a new Northeastern headquarters for a Conservative group or foundation right in the heart of the Cult, and we would bring in volunteers to march against this stuff at the school, the town hall, and in the stores and shops downtown we would grow a countermovement in Lincoln.

    There must be a group of people in Lincoln who aren’t brain damaged but are afraid of speaking out alone, lest they be eaten by the Zombies. If I win the lottery, that’s part of what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to. After what I’ve been through in the past two years with my health, I can tell you that I am not afraid of some well-educated brain damaged Zombies. I’ve known many of them in my life so far and I’m prepared.

    • Addendum: It also seems to me that the K-8 school spearheading an effort like this is unbelievably coercive. I have *never* seen anything such brazen arm-twisting n my life – left or right – coming from a school system, and I grew up in Jersey, which is simiarly politically divided (not as blatantly though.) People who object have to send their kids to the most expensive school per square foot that has ever been constructed in the US, and now that school system has morphed into a political pressure and advocacy group. Are they going to keep a list of the participants and “noncontributory parasites and unapologetic exploiters and white supremaciststs” so they can shame the evil people too?

      The folks in Lincoln who object to this need support and advocacy of their own. Personally, I’d be thinking about a big lawsuit to put an stop to this kind of blatant political advocacy by a taxpayer-funded school system. We need to get them together and put a hard stop to it. All across the country these groups are installing small groups of these zealots to push their agendas. We can find out where the money comes from and it should be published and protested with every legal means available. It’s time for the fence-sitters and Ostriches and intimidated people in Lincoln to find their voice and their power. This stuff needs to end, right away, and if it doesn’t, all the people pushing it should be FIRED. The battle lines are drawn. All the cards are on the table now and people all across this country are finally beginning to understand how these groups have seized control of the most important thing these parents have: their children.

      I’ll guarantee that 98% of the people in Lincoln would not *themselves* subject their neighbors and their neighbors’ children to a fringe campaign like this. But this K-8 Mafia has the imprimatur of the school system so they can effectively bulldoze and silence any objections with fear. They get paid to teach. They don’t get to start a political advocacy campaign with taxpayer funds, even if they say they’re “volunteering.”

      I do know that this stuff will never stop – it will just keep morphing – unless someone has the courage to stand up and stop it. You know that very well from your experience living there and asking completely reasonable questions that nobody else wanted to hear. Well, you were just one man. You did an awesome job, well beyond your weight class, but one person acting alone against a determined majority usually fails, biblical references to David and Goliath notwithstanding. Lincoln needs an Army of a Couple Dozen or Hundred.

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