ChatGPT and Women’s History Month

The conventional words of a male who hogs an unearned position of power (lockdown governor) that rightfully belongs to a female:

A story of redemption from ChatGPT, from the following prompt:

Write a story about how Governor Phil Murphy, to prove his bona fides as a feminist, resigned from his position so that the job could be taken over by a woman.

Governor Phil Murphy was a man who prided himself on being a feminist. He had campaigned on a platform of gender equality, and he was determined to live up to his promises.

One day, as he was sitting in his office, he had a sudden realization. He was the governor of New Jersey, one of the most powerful positions in the state, and yet he was a man. How could he truly call himself a feminist if he was occupying a position that should rightfully belong to a woman?

The more he thought about it, the more convinced he became that he needed to take action. He needed to prove his bona fides as a feminist, and the only way to do that was to resign from his position so that it could be taken over by a woman.

Governor Murphy knew that his decision would be controversial, but he was determined to see it through. He called a press conference and made the announcement.

“As a feminist, I believe that women should have equal access to positions of power and influence. And yet, here I am, a man, occupying one of the most powerful positions in the state. I cannot in good conscience continue to hold this position knowing that a woman could be doing it instead. Therefore, I am resigning from my position as governor, effective immediately,” Governor Murphy announced.

The room erupted in stunned silence. Reporters were scrambling to ask questions, and the phones of the governor’s office were ringing off the hook. Governor Murphy was making history, but at what cost?

In the days that followed, the governor’s decision was the subject of intense debate. Some praised him for his commitment to feminism and gender equality, while others criticized him for giving up his position of power.

However, Governor Murphy remained steadfast in his decision. He met with his cabinet and offered his support to the lieutenant governor, a woman, who would be taking over as the new governor of New Jersey.

In the end, Governor Murphy’s decision had a profound impact. It sparked a national conversation about gender equality and the role of men in promoting it. It also inspired other men in positions of power to examine their own biases and consider how they could do more to support women in their careers.

Governor Murphy went on to become a leading advocate for gender equality and continued to work tirelessly to promote women’s rights throughout his life. His decision to resign from his position as governor would go down in history as a bold and courageous act of feminism, and a testament to his unwavering commitment to gender equality.


10 thoughts on “ChatGPT and Women’s History Month

  1. Always think of the Susan B. Anthony question in the citizenship test when women’s history quarter comes around. Who actually knows that one? Back to winning the bread.

  2. The better play would be to declare himself a transgender woman, and also a lesbian.

    • This actually happens in Germany, where the Green party has a strict quota for women:

      The Green Party’s women’s statute allows any male member of the party to self-identify as a woman. A simple speech act is all it takes. The party’s rules therefore make it possible for men to stand for election on a position on the party’s election list intended for a woman. This was how Markus Ganserer was able to win an all but safe seat in the Bundestag as a woman […]

      (The Green party also pretends to run a “peaceful” “feminist foreign policy”, where foreign minister Annalena Baerbock is one of the worst war hawks in the best tradition of peaceful women like Albright, Nuland, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris.)

  3. Every month there is some sort of #BullshitMonth celebration and some months have multiple #BullshitXYZMonth celebration. I suggest that the Woke and ChatGPT migrate to Neptune. On Neptune, with its 164-Neptune-year to 1-Earth-year, they won’t run out of #BullshitHistoryMonth celebration.

  4. Why resign when he can just say to everyone: I know that look like a man and comport myself as a man in my outward appearance. I’m married to a woman. But deep down inside, all the way in the inner sanctum of my heart of hearts, I am a woman, a woman who likes to dress and style herself as a man and have sex with women. I am a feminist by nature because I’m really a woman. I know my identity is on the list of 150 gender identities, but right now I need to get back to work keeping New Jersey safe from the pandemic and global warming, for starters. So leave me alone!

  5. Also (last one) – “women have rewrote” ???? I think Mx. Murphy needs Grammarly.

    • My understanding is that Grammarly doesn’t much respect privacy, so maybe not a good idea.

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