Abortion care as a wedding gift?

I just RSVP’d for a family wedding. Here’s what I found in the wedding registry:

In other words, to mark an event traditionally associated with reproduction guests can give the gift of abortion care (for pregnant people).

Since I absolutely have to be there and might have to zip to Los Angeles the day after (helicopter ferry trip), it was time to give some money to our commercial airline oligopoly. United tried to sell me trip cancellation insurance, noting explicitly that COVID-19 is “foreseen”:

Readers: If you are are giving abortion care as a wedding gift, what is the correct amount to give?

18 thoughts on “Abortion care as a wedding gift?

  1. How is Greenspun at a wedding even possible? April 1 is a week away. Given the basis of all marriages being an economically desperate woman getting saved by a high status man, got to donate to the abortion fund because you never know if the fetus is going to be female.

  2. If you are going to be in Los Angeles please consider a meet up for your readers.

  3. If you are are giving abortion care as a wedding gift, what is the correct amount to give? 1000 dollars with 800 to go!

  4. We do not have enough information. Would it be appropriate to give a gift of abortion care to gay couple, if it is a gay couple. But then, would it be wrong to assume that gay couple can not get pregnant. Example: assume we have one person with male biological sex, and other person with female biological sex, but female identifies as man. This man can get pregnant, but this is still a marriage of two men, gay marriage, where pregnancy is possible. Maybe it is wrong to assume anything, and every marriage is simultaneously in a state where they can and can not get pregnant, something like Schrodinger cat. So gift of abortion is simultaneously right and wrong. So maybe one abortion will do, since you can not be fully correct anyway.

  5. Abortion is 4% of the medical procedures Planned Parenthood provides, far surpassed by STI testing/treatment, contraception, and cancer screenings to poor and needy women. But who wants to be attached to reality?

    Slide 26: https://cdn.plannedparenthood.org/uploads/filer_public/40/8f/408fc2ad-c8c2-48da-ad87-be5cc257d370/211214-ppfa-annualreport-20-21-c3-digital.pdf

    Last time you googled something and clicked on an advertising link you were supporting abortion, because some small percentage of users use Google to search for abortion providers. Google wouldn’t exist without your ad-clicking support and you are enabling poor women to access abortions services. So better stop using Google — or any search engine.

  6. Get them a gift card for appointments with YouTuber Dermatologist MrPopZit, or many others on YouTube. I’m pretty sure he’s in SoCal and hey, grinding a human “fetus” into bloody ooze is a lot like surgically draining and extracting a big, painful cyst on growing on the back of one’s head to the “anytime, anywhere, all the time, for any reason or no reason” abortion acolytes: it’s ugly, it’s painful, one wants nothing to do with it and just wants it gone, with no questions asked by anyone, especially the father, caregiver or parents at any age. In fact, they want abortions to be easier, more convenient and cheaper than a cyst extraction.

    Warning: Not for the squeamish. It’s a cyst extraction on the back of someone’s head.

    • @philg: Having said that, you may still want to toss in a few bucks for Planned Parenthood: I’m pretty sure they will examine the list of donors to find out who among their guests is a fascist right-winger from the DeSantis-led Florida Hellhole, and it’ll be a great conversation starter at the reception. Maybe you can get them some little removable swastika tattoos to hand out for everyone who didn’t chip in.

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