New York Times coverage of Donald Trump indictment

The New York Times informs us that humanity faces an “existential crisis” and/or “existential threat” due to climate change (2014 example regarding a New York politician). We also face an “existential threat” from coronavirus (NYT Editorial Board, May 24, 2020). Finally, there is the imminent threat of nuclear war (NYT, Oct. 5, 2022).

With humans potentially going extinct from climate change or COVID-19 and/or being killed millions at a time via nuclear weapons, what is today’s most important news? “porn star” occurs twice in the follow screen shot and “hush money” once. From the front page text, in other words, we learn that a sex worker allegedly got paid for having sex and then not talking about it.

7 thoughts on “New York Times coverage of Donald Trump indictment

  1. The NYT depends on Trump for subscribers and outrage clicks. I hope they get what they (pretend to) wish for:

    Trump cannot run in 2024, Vivek Ramaswamy will win and go through with his policies of repealing Lyndon Johnson’s affirmative action executive order. Also, he has promised to implement performance metrics for civil servants and fire them if necessary.

    The NYT then won’t be able to criticize him, because he is in a protected group.

  2. The NYT is all-in for this prosecution. An editorial from its editorial board strongly endorsed it.

  3. My favorite conspiracy is Trump is a confidential informant from his early mobbed-up days, and somebody in US Justice has a written “never prosecute” agreement. It explains a lot, and the prosecutor of the NYC mob back then was this guy Mueller.

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