Harvard and the Art of Masking

An email received this month:

(Harvard cannot offer free admission to the people who have granted it freedom from paying taxes on what it earns from its $50 billion cash hoard, except for on a few days.)

Note the Science-driven COVID prevention strategy of 1 out of 4 people wearing a non-N95 mask. The same email promotes an event in which it appears that 2 out of 3 visitors are wearing Fauci-approved cloth masks:

One thought on “Harvard and the Art of Masking

  1. Smithson was a renegate by society aristocrat (for being bastard). He donated his money to create the best free museums of the US&A. Harvard rejected my daughter from admission. Now she is one of a handful of nonAsians studying a PhD at Columbia in computer science with a truly generous fellowship for minorities. She is an instructor there and at Johns Hopkins in the summer. There is bit of justice sometimes. BTW, the Air and Space museum is like not else in the world. With free admission. Also, I have worn the KN95 mask every time I get near people. No Ovid yet. The Mexican president never wears it in public. He is currently recovering from his third COVID sickness. And he was vaccinated at least three times according to secretary of gobernación.

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