New York as a breeding ground for vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants

New Yorkers were among the most eager followers of Science. Two-year-olds were ordered to wear masks until June 2022, for example (NYT). Science required poor kids to keep wearing them (see “Toddler mask mandate remains for federally funded NYC programs” (New York Post, June 17, 2022)) through the hot-due-to-climate-change summer of 2022.

What are the righteous doing now? Did they move to the suburbs so that they wouldn’t have to be on top of each other anymore? Wearing their N190 masks (double N95s) if for whatever reason they decided to stay in the city? Avoiding crowds by walking or biking instead of taking the subway?

Here are some photos taken this month…

(Note the mask-over-beard technique for keeping out an aerosol virus.)

With rare exceptions, New Yorkers are crowding together without masks. Given that nearly all are vaccinated, what better way to create vaccine-resistant variants of SARS-CoV-2 and other deadly respiratory viruses?

Compared to in Florida, the chin diaper is extremely popular in NYC.

Here’s a front desk worker at the Dia Chelsea (not selling tickets because the museum/gallery is free). She wore a chin diaper for the entire time that I was there, never adjusting it to cover her mouth or nose/mouth. Maybe she was saving it for a subway ride home?

Virtuous exceptions at the Whitney:

(But if they are afraid that a virus that kills humans at a median age of 82 will kill their 10-year-old children, why did they take their 10-year-old children to the crowded museum?)

Here’s a city-funded homeless shelter (the unhoused will soon be ejected to make room for asylum-seekers?), the Flemister House, that is still following CDC guidance:

My hosts would have been prepared for this. Here’s a table next to their apartment door:

What if someone does get COVID-19? Healing marijuana is never more than a block or two away:

Summary: if an evil scientist (lowercase) wanted to breed vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2, he/she/ze/they could not create a better laboratory than New York City right now. The behavior of New Yorkers would make sense if they had, like Floridians, spent the global pandemic years irresponsibly partying in clubs. But I can’t figure out how the current behavior of New Yorkers is consistent with their previously expressed and never-renounced views regarding the appropriate role of humans with respect to a contagious virus.

6 thoughts on “New York as a breeding ground for vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants

  1. Casual observation seems to indicate that maybe 5-7% of the NYC population is still masked. The wearers mostly seem to be split among low IQ workers like cleaners & delivery people who are probably confused and the young affluent. No theories on the second group.

  2. jdc.

    People who make deliveries or clean may be required by their employers to wear masks. Also, I think the type of job people perform is often not a good predictor of their IQ. I have gathered a lot of empirical evidence on that.

    • From my observation, people like dr Fauci are very intelligent, but have different priorities. Some people think that such people are not intelligent, because they do not understand their priorities. They are not interested in solving problem at the hand, they only think how to advance their careers, and how some problem could be used to advance their career. They have ways to hide this fact even from themselves, because nobody likes to think of self as of a bad person, but this is how their brain functions. They consider people who think otherwise as complete idiots. Things are of course not black and white, and there are exceptions, but I have a feeling that most people who make career are of this sort (or I am just envious, I do not know myself 🙂

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