What are you doing for World Environment Day?

Today is World Environment Day (which means we can ignore the environment for 364 days per year, cranking up the A/C in our pavement-melting SUVs?). What are you doing to mark this milestone?

Here’s Facebook back in May enforcing orthodoxy by augmenting one of my posts:

Every day is World Environment Day for the artificially intelligent robots at Facebook!

11 thoughts on “What are you doing for World Environment Day?

  1. I have a question, Phil. I think you told us earlier that this is LGBT etc. Pride “Month” and today is World Environment “Day.” It looks like there is overlap so how do you know which one to “observe”? Does a “month” take precedence over a “day” or vice versa? Is it permissible to combine the observances, like when Christmas and Chanukah fall on the same day & if so what is the authority for that and exactly how do you go about it? How are you dealing with this conundrum?

    • You can combine celebratory months and days! On June 18, you can celebrate gay father’s day. Or on June 19 (Juneteenth) you can celebrate the emancipation of gay slaves.

  2. The simple solution to make Environment better is to have no kids or just have one kid. After couple of generations Environment will be lot better. Me am my wife chose “one kid” opton. As i already did my part i enjoy my life with gas guzzling SUV, big house with two A/Cs always cranking up.

  3. Not only are sand castles racist, but they encourage transmission of coronavirus.

  4. Obama always said if you don’t believe in global warming and want to buy beach front property you can keep buying beach front property!

  5. The climate voting kings in Calif* spend hours parked in their driveways, melting the bougainvillea with their SUV’s instead of going anywhere. It’s the only room in the $2 million bungalo where they can get away from their spouses.

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