Science v2021 and Science v2023 on masks and speech development

Science v2021:

Babies and young children study faces, so you may worry that having masked caregivers would harm children’s language development. There are no studies to support this concern. Young children will use other clues like gestures and tone of voice.

Science v2023… “If Your Toddler Isn’t Talking Yet, the Pandemic Might Be to Blame” (Wall Street Journal):

In an analysis of nearly 2.5 million children younger than 5 years old, researchers at health-analytics company Truveta found that for each year of age, first-time speech delay diagnoses increased by an average of 1.6 times between 2018-19 and 2021-22. The highest increase was among 1-year-olds, the researchers said.

Note the headline: it is the faceless “pandemic” that is to blame for these developmental delays. It is not the Covidcrats who ordered 2-year-olds to wear saliva-soaked face rags all day every day.

In case the above tweet is memory-holed:

5 thoughts on “Science v2021 and Science v2023 on masks and speech development

  1. Another nightmare the lion kingdom avoided by becoming a blog commenter instead of a parent.

  2. Carbon dioxide molecules are very tiny, even smaller than respiratory droplets. They cannot be trapped by breathable materials like cloth

    I guess it is also impossible to be smothered by a pillow, since pillows are also breathable and do not trap carbon dioxide.

    Some of the “science” claims made in support of the politics are quite ridiculous.

    • Steve, Dr. Jill Biden (also an excellent matheematision) says not only that Science isn’t rediculouse, but it’s actually very serious stuff.

  3. Coming soon, Apple Vision Pro for Babies. Combine that with Cloth Masks, Dr., Fauci’s Sacrament for Babies, a Sprinkle of Love-is-Love, and ChatGBT v6, and KABOOM, all the world’s problems (at least in the USA) are gone!

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