Why is Florida chartering planes rather than buses to help migrants reach the promised land of California?

“Florida arranged migrant flights to California, where officials are considering legal action” (CBS):

Florida officials confirmed Tuesday that the state arranged the chartered flights that took migrants to Sacramento on Monday and last Friday, generating outrage from California authorities.

The statement from the Florida Division of Emergency Management came a day after California’s attorney general said he was considering legal action over the flights, which he said could amount to “state-sanctioned kidnapping.”

The Florida Division of Emergency Management said in the statement that the state’s relocation program was voluntary, noting that there was verbal and written consent indicating the migrants wanted to go to California.

With thousands of migrants streaming over the border daily and California offering sanctuary, including a full array of welfare benefits, wouldn’t it be more sensible for Florida to charter buses rather than airplanes?

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  1. > wouldn’t it be more sensible for Florida to charter buses rather than airplanes?

    Simple economics: air charter owners make bigger political donations than bus owners, so air charters get the big $ contracts?

  2. There is some controversy over whether the airplanes used are jets or propeller? Phil, an estimate on the difference in price?

    • The plane used was a A Dornier 328-310 (jet version). Google says it rents for 4350 per hour. Ironically the crazy Germans also build the exact same plane with propellors! That is called the 328. The Jet version and turboprop cost just about the same to operate. The Jet version is a little faster but the turboprop version can use smaller runways. It is confusing! To make matters even more confusing is the fact that the propellors are actually powered by jet engines (called a turbo prop). I think for the layperson they could call the plane whatever they want.

  3. Why is Florida chartering planes rather than buses to help migrants reach the promised land of California? Probably easier to get migrants to agree to a plane ride rather than a bus ride.

  4. Quick search shows the real reason: costs.
    Flights from FL to CA start at just above $200 with regular flights in $330 – $380 range for two-way tickets. Bus tickets for one way trip are in $380 – $480 range.
    Also bus ride one way takes 65 – 70 hours. Air trip duration is an order of magnitude shorter. Add travel food and lodging expenses and airplane is much cheaper.
    Also empty return flight could be used to bring American refugees form CA to FL.

    • The MVY flight was purportedly very expensive. Texas is using buses to unite migrants with the Northeast Democrats who say that they welcome them. I’m out in the Rockies right now and all of the cost-conscious Midwestern families who are vacationing here have loaded up a family minivan/SUV/car and driven.

    • I too choose to drive family vs buying family ticket.
      It works marginally for me, mostly due to love of road travel, and because I would cross from FL to CA in two days, not 3 as Greyhound bus, thus saving on lodging/ food. But add there cost of attractions visits or an occasional traffic ticket while driving through Democrat districts at month end costs would be the same as family air ticket, or more expensive.
      But do not forget that anything that has to do with any level of US Government and its regulations is more expensive. If it costs $480 for Greyhound to bus a person from FL to CA then real costs for any government doing that is much larger.

  5. Fl*rida is rich, but it would be better of they spent the money building sidewalks. Helas, to have a job, the lion kingdom has to be in Calif* & pay for all those migrants.

  6. Weren’t the Martha’s Vineyard migrants kidnapped in MVY and moved to a military base against their will?

    Perhaps Florida could expand on that line of thought and use military aircraft to ship migrants to sanctuary states.

  7. Simple. Those illegal migrants already have the experience of traveling via buses, why not give them the experience of traveling via an airplane? The illegal migrants should be thankful to Florida for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    And when will MSM start using the right term for those migrants, they are not just “migrants”, they are “illegal migrants”.

  8. The military should load a dozen C-17s with them and push them out over Gavin Newsom’s house. Send a message that means something.

    The existing message is obvious.

    • Military is more efficient, but it is the commander-in-chief who worsens the problem.

  9. Can Somebody explain what is the point of Florida(or any others) chartering planes to move illegal immigrants. If any state does not want any illegal immigrants in their state, just make employing an illegal immigrant punishable by death for both employee and employer, this will make whole issue go away real fast.

    • “punishable by death”?! It takes decades to execute someone on death row in this country. Not to mention, our liberal and woke friends will be up in arms if we do this.

      A much better option is to bus illegal immigrants on the streets of liberals and once you see a house with “No Human Is Illegal” signs, ask the illegal immigrant if this is the house they want to live in and drop them off on the front lawn.

      What’s better than finding a home for the illegal immigrant that welcomes them and give the illegal immigrant a choice to pick a home?

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