Joe Biden takes Idi Amin’s advice to President Nixon?

How’s the “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” prosecution of Donald Trump going? I’ve been out in the Mountain West and can’t keep up with all of the legal attacks.

I’m reminded of my 2007 blog post, Idi Amin’s advice to Richard Nixon:

[Idi] Amin sent a letter to Richard Nixon during the Watergate crisis: “When the stability of a nation is in danger, the only solution is, unfortunately, to imprison the leaders of the opposition.”

Democrats knew that Donald Trump deserved to be in prison at least as far back as 2016. Has anything new emerged that is convincing to Republicans or is it still a question of a former president’s right to keep his/her/zir/their papers?

Speaking of insurrectionists, here’s a suspicious character who may have participated in the January 6 insurrection… a golden retriever in Kanab, Utah exercising his Second Amendment rights (carrying bullets in his collar):

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  1. It is still about the papers. The novelty is that Trump has been charged under the Espionage Act, which appears to be the Swiss army knife for political trials:

    The Wikipedia page contains some Woodrow Wilson quotes which seem quite modern:

    “Such creatures of passion, disloyalty, and anarchy must be crushed out.”

    “Authority to exercise censorship over the press….is absolutely necessary to the public safety”

  2. This golden retriever carries old style revolver ammunition, looks like .45 Long Colt lead semi-wadcutter, probably against bears, it could be loaded to be semi-effective against large bears. Smart safety-minded dog.

  3. Idi Amin is an improvement on anyone Democrats has been running for highest office several few elections.

  4. I think the full quote from Amin – told to his pals while playing drinking games – was:

    “[Idi] Amin sent a letter to Richard Nixon during the Watergate crisis: “When the stability of a nation is in danger, the only solution is, unfortunately, to imprison the leaders of the opposition …in my belly. Moahoaoaomaoahahaa! [Licks fingers] [Burrrrp] Dig in my friends! I’ve got one of Obote’s eyeballs left. Poached with Hollandaise!”

    • At least Idi Amin did not destroy egalitarian, most prosperous and freest among large nations on Earth.
      Still beats corrupt American left and their lifetime appointment bureaucrats.

  5. Back on topic: Dershowitz says his analysis is a split decision. The bad part is difficult, the other mostly trivial and “expected.” A great deal depends on how adroit his legal team is. If Trump wins, we’re going to hear new revelations about the other 803 women he raped.

    • I think that this at first glance senseless unsubstantiated (nothing is claimed to be destroyed) indictment is an attempt to hack vote, specifically 20% “conservative” republican drones who are zombiefied on so-called “conservative” so-called “moral” “values” which can not be found in any book from any religion. Just matter of being convicted by an obviously stacked jury and obviously stacked process on matters that are common practice and that has never been prosecuted will turn those 20% percent off voting for Trump if he happens to be Republican nominee even if Biden will be campaigning in a bunny suit and promising to rebuild US economy based on Maoism while boasting on camera about big bribes that he got. Arithmetically, it makes Republican victory impossible, if it does not scare large enough percentage of Democrats.
      Of course Trump had it coming with unfulfilled promises to fight DC corruption and prosecuted obvious treason from top Democrat politicians and supporting many Democrat ideological mores, talking the talk but not walking the walk. But it is still seems to be disastrous for America.

  6. Can someone who has some insight into how classified documents are moved around and exchanged hands please help me understand this?

    A president, on his/her own, doesn’t just walk into a classified office and grabs classified documents right? Those classified documents are brought to the president by government officials who are vetted to do so. Once a president gets said document, does the president review those documents all by him/herself, and keeps them when done? I don’t think so, but even if that’s the case, isn’t there a protocol for a president to return classified documents? And isn’t there a protocol to see that a classified document has been properly returned? If not, why not? If there is no such protocol, then the system is broken and very much anyone who gets classified documents is a source of leaking. The DOJ should be investigating the protocol, not the president. Period.

    Let us assume that there is a protocol and the president is to blame. We have seen from MSM stacks of classified documents stored in boxes at the Mar-a-Lago bathroom and ballroom. If Trump *ordered* and *demanded* that those documents be kept at Mar-a-Lago and be stored in the bathroom and ballroom, wasn’t there someone to blow the whistle for his action when he gave the order in the first place? Or are we saying *everyone* reporting to Trump is either super obedient and loyal to him or is super scared and stupid?! If so, the DOJ should also be investigating those reporting to Trump.

    Yes, Trump is the kind of person who has an open-“public”-mic mouth and will brag about himself. This is his fault and is what got him to where he is, good or bad. However, I don’t see how those classified documents end up where they are and why the blame is on Trump and solely on Trump only, and most importantly, why this took so, sooooo long to come out (reread my previous paragraph).

    • I meant to share a link to pictures of those boxes with classified documents. Have a look at [1] for an example, and you would see that what we are talking about isn’t 1 or 2 or 3 boxes of documents, we have a whole stack of boxes in various rooms. There is no way for those boxes to be sitting there for months and months, while Trump was president and no one blowing a whistle after seeing just 1 box!


    • Excellent point.

      ABC news reports:
      “The indictment presents evidence that Trump shared information about a “plan of attack” against another country to a writer.”

      I’m having a hard time trying to parse this claim into meaningful information. The whole plan? What country? Was he looking for a book publisher?

    • “Prosecutors allege he was “personally involved” in packing up boxes at the White House”.

      Did he make a run over to Home Depot to pick up the boxes or did he send Melania?

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