What buildings and parks have been named after George Floyd?

On this Father’s Day, let’s look at a man who has been highlighted as a great father by the elite…

President Biden says “We will never stop taking action in his honor.” regarding George Floyd:

It has been three years. What, concretely, has been done to honor Mr. Floyd? Minneapolis has George Floyd Square, but has President Biden designated a park or a building in D.C. “in his honor”? If not, why not?

What about a George Floyd Memorial on the Mall? What stops President Biden from delivering on his promise by creating one?


6 thoughts on “What buildings and parks have been named after George Floyd?

  1. The monument to St George of Floyd on the Mall is a good idea but given how impossible it is to get any construction project done in the US, I would settle for a national holiday in his honor — it could be combined with something memorializing the BLM riots, the sacred right to assemble, loot and protest (peaceably) against injustice. And while we are talking about national holidays, given that this is Pride Month, we should also have a national holiday to commemorate the valiant men, among them Lance Travis, Harvey Crockett, Butch Bowie, who fell at the Stonewall Bar, defending that noble institution against the onslaught of the MAGA Republicans, while awaiting reinforcements from The Cubby Hole, the Dykes on Bikes, who sadly arrived too late.

    • US building is down from the Reagan era but it is still possible to build in America. https://www.statista.com/statistics/952752/office-residential-skyscrapers-built-usa/ Recently I observed building and completion of 2 separate neighboring skyscrapers. But you might be right about Washington DC. Last time I traveled there some monuments were deteriorating and highway patching maintenance that I observed was very unprofessional. Interesting, now mostly residential skyscrapers are being build, unlike during Reagan era. Sad change. People making money on business activities that occur outside of US borders. And you can not start real business in a garage while living in the high-rise, even if your flat worth $ millions.

  2. Wonder what a hottie like that was doing in a neighborhood prone to crime. They normally go for executives & doctors in Calif*.

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