Supreme Court Justices agree with Harvard that Asians have no personality

The nation’s most enthusiastic racialists have had their sails trimmed. “Supreme Court Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions at Harvard and U.N.C.” (New York Times):

Race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina are unconstitutional… Former President Barack Obama, who broke the color barrier in the nation’s highest office with his election in 2008, denounced the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday to eliminate race-based affirmative action in college admissions.

For those of us with Asian friends, however, there is a silver lining. Wikipedia:

Dissent: Sotomayor, joined by Kagan, Jackson[a]
Dissent Jackson[a], joined by Sotomayor, Kagan

We can now tell Asians that at least two of the nation’s top judges have officially confirmed Harvard’s diagnosis of Asians as having no personality. (“Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than others on traits like “positive personality,” likability, courage, kindness and being “widely respected,” according to an analysis of more than 160,000 student records filed Friday by a group representing Asian-American students in a lawsuit against the university.” (NYT 2018))

MIT is already set up to keep its victimhood apparatus going. The Infinite Corridor earlier this week was devoid of victimhood-by-skin-color signs. The new religion is discrimination by “class”:

How will the victimhood administrators determine the class membership of an applicant for a job or a degree? Maybe by skin color?


Here’s some interesting text:

As far as admissions goes, I have heard people say things like “I didn’t get in because I wasn’t enough of a special snowflake” or “They probably gave my spot to a minority.” I have also heard people (@me) say “I probably only got in because I’m a girl.” This is a toxic mindset that was discussed in the forum. Sure, no college admissions process is perfect. However, you don’t get accepted or rejected for your identity. If you got in, rest assured that you are qualified, you are capable, and you have potential. If you didn’t get in, you may also be all of these things and simply not an ideal fit for the school– but you didn’t get turned away for something as trivial as the concentration of melanin in your skin.

The Supreme Court majority found exactly the opposite: students did get accepted or rejected for their identity.

A great NYT photo:

20 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justices agree with Harvard that Asians have no personality

  1. “You don’t choose your gender.” Sounds like someone at the MIT admissions office needs a rude awakening!

  2. I think that real goal of Ivy League colleges admissions selections is to create groups of individuals who feel beholden to left and who do not believe in own wit and strengths and have feeling of undefined guilt. I believe it is though they easier toe unwritten the line of the left.
    Almost a decade ago I observed Ivy League admission lecture; the candidate was very accomplished, scholastic competition winner with top SAT, high school GPA over 4.0 and two years worth of college credits in advance placement tests. The commencements speaker, who had no scientific nor teaching accomplishments of note and spoke in language that did not sound advanced even for non-native English speaker like myself, assured the admitted that they either got in because of their sex (not long ago but there were still only 2 sex recognized by that Ivy League) or because they are exceptional geniuses precious snowflakes if they were not in preferred by admissions sex. At the end most of the preferred sens folks were offended. And I am yet to see any of the admitted males who decided to enroll, now pushing 30, come up with cancer cure or usable electric car.

  3. Asians may have no personality as per our esteemed justice Ketangi Brown Jackson, but she is a real Scientist, given her discovery that we don’t know what a woman is. We are so lucky!

    • Ketangi Brown Jackson was chosen for the color of her skin and no other factors!

    • Okay, maybe she isn’t in the same league as nobel prize winning virus inventor Docter fauci, but doesn’t her discovery give her bona fides that surely makes it worth having her wisdom on the supreme court?

    • KBJ was a mediocrity selected primarily for her skin tone but as far as mediocrities go so was Anthony Kennedy and lots probably more than three quarters of our Supreme Court Justices over the years. KBJ was a mediocre appellate judge for a short period of time. Kennedy was a mediocre appellate judge for a long period of time. Sotomayor was a mediocre appellate judge. Warren Burger the Chief Justice for a long period was an enormous mediocrity as was his sidekick Harry Blackmun (“The Minnesota Twins” see Robt George’s terrific essay on Blackmun in his Conscience and its Enemies ). It is odd that Americans permit these very ordinary people to set many of the important rules for our society, whether homosexual marriage should be blessed by the state, whether it is ok legally for one race to preferred to another in employment or university admissions. An unbiased reading of the Constitution would find no mention of homosexual marriage and the 14th Amendment would seem to prohibit discrimination based on race. But that is the way it is folks in the US of A and that is the way it has been since day one when Justice Marshall decided that the courts would have the final say on constitutionality notwithstanding that that judicial power is not found in the Constitution.

    • Okay, points taken: ketangi isn’t as brilliant as Docter fauci, but she did go to Harvard undergraduate AND for law school, which is surely super impressive (along with her biological discoveries), right?

    • Our Supreme Court is not DEI compliant. We need this Pride and Islamic judges to get somewhat close to DEI.

      And when will Harvard elect an Asian president?

    • Here’s an idea for Harvard: ketangi begins to identify as Asian (she publishes an Asian cookbook along the lies of Liz (cherokee) Warren’s “Pow Wow Chow”). Having then established herself as Asian (and already renowned as a brilliant black Scientist), she is the perfect person (not woman) to be the first Asian president of Harvard.

  4. With all due respect, Asians are considered the “perfect” minority, as opposed to us Hispanics. Try to enter to UCLA if you are not Asian. My Hispanic shorty, white-skinned, smart daughter, looks 18 but she is thirty. She studied Applied Math at Cornell (with a scholarship), and later had to study Data Science with a scholarship that she received from Iberdrola from Queen Letizia with a free trip to Spain so be could be able to study CS. She recently finished and MSc in CS at Columbia because she studied an MsC in CS. She is now a PhDs student instructor at CU and Johns Hopkins in the Summer. She has published two academic papers in Machine Learning. with MDs and Biologists about pre-eclampsia, which her mother suffered. I couldn’t pay her studies, she got fantastic minority scholarships like GEM. Well, if the huge majority of her Asian colleagues at CU are smarter than her, give me an example of another Hispanic woman from Texas who is as successful in CU @ NYC.

  5. Most universities will wax lyrical about their racial diversity, but try and get stats from them on socioeconomic diversity and it’s like pulling teeth. The way you do it is based on the parents’ tax returns.

    As for anti-Asian discrimination, it has nothing to do with protecting Black and Latino students and everything to do with protecting white students from being out-competed by Asian ones, which would yield true meritocratic institutions like Caltech, but at the same time also destroy Harvard, Yale et al’s role as the old boys’ network recognition sign.

    That role would shift to somewhere else, like elite fraternities (e.g. the Skulls & Bones) and remove the root of universities’ ability to extract extortionate fees from students who are essentially paying for a yuppie union card.

  6. Dissent: Sotomayor, joined by Kagan, Jackson[a]
    Dissent Jackson[a], joined by Sotomayor, Kagan

    You should go and read those two dissents. I have a feeling that there’s nothing about personality in there/

  7. This ruling reminds us all of the prescient observation by Barack Obama about himself (and ketangi): “If you’ve got a degree from Harvard, you didn’t really earn it.”

  8. Elite University: “you didn’t get turned away for something as trivial as the concentration of melanin in your skin”. And, at the same time, Elite University is furiously angry about losing the right to base admissions on the applicant’s skin color.

    There is very little actual tolerance in progressive thinking except for a massive tolerance for cognitive dissonance.

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