Latinx migrant suffers from fascism and tyranny imposed by Governor Ron DeSantis

From the Journal of Popular Studies… “Lionel Messi Spotted Grocery Shopping at Florida Publix Before Making MLS Debut with Inter Miami”:

Just days after the Argentinian soccer star arrived in the United States to join his new team, Inter Miami, Messi was spotted shopping at a local Publix.

We are informed by CNN and the New York Times that Ron DeSantis is a tyrant and that his rule over Florida is a cruel example of fascism. Yet now we learn that Lionel Messi is voluntarily taking a pay cut (compared to what he would have earned playing for a team in Saudi Arabia) to live and work in the fascist hellscape of Florida. How is it possible that he failed to notice the fascism and tyranny prior to agreeing to play for Miami?

(How much will choosing fascism/tyranny cost Messi? NBC says that Messi gave up a three-year $1.6 billion deal in the DeSantis-free nation of Saudi Arabia.)

5 thoughts on “Latinx migrant suffers from fascism and tyranny imposed by Governor Ron DeSantis

  1. It is a huge boost for US soccer and I sure hope to see him in Seattle playing Sounders!

    It’s sad that Ronaldo chosen money over fun.

  2. The homeowner insurance in Fl*rida sounds pretty tyrannical. By some reports of $9000, the average insurance is what lions paid in Calif* rent, 20 years ago.

  3. NYC is the new fascia: “New York City to hand out fliers urging migrants to go elsewhere”

    Why isn’t Mayor Eric Adams sending them to California or Martha’s Vineyard?

    “We cannot continue to absorb tens of thousands of newcomers on our own without the help of the state and federal government,” [1]

    Does this mean if we give more money to NYC, they can keep those migrants and take more?


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