Ireland in the European heat wave

Below, a photo from last week in Ireland (ferry near Carlingford). Due to the brutal European heatwave, this family had already brought out their summer parkas.

European readers: How are you doing in this record-setting climate change-caused event? After a multicultural tram ride in The Hague 10 days ago, I told my host that it was “like being in Detroit, but without air conditioning.”

We, personally, have been living in “dangerous heat” here in South Florida, with a temperature of up to125 degrees according to the NYT on Tuesday:

We met a neighbor on yesterday morning’s dog walk. His son had on long pants and was heading out to play three games of baseball in the “danger” zone.

When the professional climate Scientists at the New York Times are forecasting 125 degrees, what are the amateur enthusiasts at the Weather Channel expecting for West Palm Beach? A high of 89 degrees:

Maybe the Danger will hit later in the week?

What’s the record high temperature for West Palm Beach in July, according to the National Weather Service? 101 degrees. That was set in 1942. How about the average July high temp for West Palm? The Google says it is 91 degrees. The NYT reminds us that “summer temperatures have become hotter and more extreme in recent decades.”

The forecast is for high temps right around the historical average high temp and the Scientists at the New York Times say that coastal South Florida is in a “Danger” situation. Was any relief in sight, as far as the NYT Scientists were concerned? No:


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  1. The worst in Europe is usually August, so it isn’t over yet. So far the whole year was the most normal I’ve experienced in a long time.

    There was a real spring with temperatures from 15-20°C. In previous years, there was an extremely cold March/April followed directly by 30°C in May/June.

    July is nothing out of the ordinary. There is way more rain than in previous years.

    I also noticed that weather sites predict 37-40°C as clickbait, then it turns out to be 30-32°C.

    In summary, the weather has gotten better. Perhaps the climate activists will attribute it to the lockdowns and the Biden/Blinken induced energy crisis with lower consumption.

  2. Reporting from Seattle:
    Last summer was super cold, this is summer is moderately warm. Nothing compared to the summer 2 years ago which was super hot.

    So maybe there is a heat wave somewhere, but it’s not here.

  3. Calif* has been in an extended heat wave since last week, but not as extreme as the 2020 heat waves. 100-110 has been the limit for the last 2 years. In 2020, it hit 120 for many days on end & the brief periods of 100 were a relief. It’s like the 4 corners high moved west that year & has stayed east since then. Lions only track dry bulb temperature while the media only reports heat index for the adsense.

  4. Reporting from Maskachu$etts. I have been in the same town since 1981 when I first came to the USA, legally.

    Yes, for me, summers are hotter, and yes, winters are colder compared to the ’80s, ’90s, or even ’20s. I definitely feel “climate change”. Why? I was much younger back then, and didn’t have the luxury of AC/heat almost 24×7, and wasn’t bombarded by the minute weather reports, or experts telling me the planet is melting.

    So, yes, of course, if the “experts” keep telling us, hour after hour, it is dangerously hot, even if you are at the North or South Pole, you ARE going to “feel” like it is 125 degrees out there.

  5. Philip, your contradiction with the NYT experts seems entirely based on you looking at temperature (89 F high) and them at heat index (the orange “Danger” 103-125 zone on their map). Look at the map legend.

    Accuweather at least agrees with the NYT: today’s high heat index is 105 F.

    How come the experts came to prefer heat index vs daily high is a fascinating question.

  6. is just in. “For Europe’s Older Population, Heat Is the New Covid” and then “Donata Grillo, 75, cooled herself with a damp sponge on Wednesday in Rome, where she lives alone without air conditioning or a functioning refrigerator.”

    The Europeans ex-Sweden spent all of their time, money, and energy fighting SARS-CoV-2 (with nothing to show for it if we compare their excess deaths to Sweden’s). Now they don’t have the time, money, and energy to install A/C and beef up their power grid to Florida standards. So, in a way, we could say that coronapanic will be responsible for all of these heat deaths (all of which could have been prevented for a fraction of the cost of what the Europeans spent on coronapanic).

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