Reparations for the 2SLGBTQQIA+?

Unless they’re complete hypocrites, taxpayers in California and some other states will soon be paying reparations to descendants of slaves, i.e., people whose ancestors were mistreated ($5 million per victim is the fair price, according to San Francisco’s experts). Why not extend the idea to other victimhood groups whose ancestors were mistreated or, even better, to victims who were personally mistreated? A group that is currently almost universally celebrated but that was once, we are constantly reminded, subject to prejudice, is the 2SLGBTQQIA+. If we take June 2023 when Joe Biden revealed the trans-enhanced rainbow flag at the White House as the beginning of Rainbow Flagism as the U.S. state religion, we as a society owe reparations to anyone who identified as 2SLGBTQQIA+ prior to June 2023.

How much should a 2SLGBTQQIA+ American get? How much for the child of a 2SLGBTQQIA+ American? And how do people prove that they were members of this discriminated-against class prior to June 2023?

Loosely related, some lawn signs of justice in Brookline, Maskachusetts last month:

Note the failure to display the Biden-approved official trans-enhanced Rainbow Flag in some cases. Also from Brookline, a bagel shop in which employees demonstrate every variant of surgical masking to block out an aerosol virus. Over-mouth-and-nose, under-nose, and chip diaper:

(The manager, not shown in the above image, was wearing a Fauci-approved cloth mask.)

9 thoughts on “Reparations for the 2SLGBTQQIA+?

  1. Coca Cola just started a ridiculous “Make Every Rainbow Count” campaign in Europe. Here is the Maltese version in English, but Germany and Switzerland are also affected. Someone has decided that Europe needs to bow to the rainbow as well:

    In short, they encourage people to make photos of every flag they can find and send them to Coca Cola. This blog would do quite well! 🙂

    I don’t understand why I should think of alternative fornication methods while enjoying a soft drink, so Coca Cola goes on the boycott list.

  2. Suspect the benefit will be diluted into a 1 time payment in the thousands, with most of the money going to the wire transfer service & lawyers. Calif* normally pays for a debit card when it does stuff like that. The biggest reparation will be paid to Jared Isaacman in the end.

  3. Phil — I know this is a controversial topic, a real hornet’s nest, but I think reparations are due People of Gender held back for so long because of their proclivities and luck in the genetic lottery. Imagine what Admiral Rachel Levine, your MIT colleague Sam Brinton, Mayor Pete or Dylan Mulvaney might have accomplished in a more just society? Had these fine People of Gender been born only a few years earlier they would have been relegated to the minstrel shows of drag queen story hour rather than leading our nation’s defense (Levine), transportation (Mayor Pete and Prof. Brinton) and health (Dr. Mulvaney). I think any country that once had the ability to send a man to the moon (& yes we now all know that Neil Armstrong, nee Nellie Armstrong, was a Person of Gender) should be able to make these people whole with reparations — and an apology.

  4. Phil are you against all reparations or just reparations to descendants of slaves and 2SLGBTQQIA+ .

  5. I’m a Slavic descendant of slaves (it’s where the word comes from). There were far more Slavs enslaved by North Africans and Arabs, than Africans enslaved by Americans – so I’m entitled to even larger reparations, right? I’ll settle for $8 million.

  6. Half of Brown U. students have already declared themselves LGBTQ+. If reparations are available, there will be way to limit who cashes in.

    • $10 million to each member of each generation of descendants of sufferers.
      I too suffered from able-ism of Ronald Reagan who acted in bad faith and maliciously destroyed people’s paradise of former USSR and now I am enslaved by the capitalists. I and my descendant deserve reparations.

  7. I hope San Francisco does this and gets the money by taxing all of those, and only those living in San Francisco. I also hope all black folks, around the country, move to SF so they get their $5 million.

    As for the mask, I would not make it a requirement to get your $5 million, otherwise, they will be discriminating against black folks who do not wear one.

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