Schools that are closed are “open fully” (flashback to 2020)

My favorite NYT headline of August 5, 2020 characterizes schools that are 100-percent closed as “open fully”:

Supporting those in New York, Maskachusetts, Chicago, and California who now say that lockdowns and school closures never happened, this headline cannot be found either with a Google search or a search on itself.

4 thoughts on “Schools that are closed are “open fully” (flashback to 2020)

  1. Seems clear to me that “fully” modifies “online”, not “open”, so the headline meant “fully online”. If they wanted to modify “open”, they would have said “fully open online”, not “open fully online”.

    Obviously it was meant as pressure on NYC schools to cave into union pressure.

    • static: an enterprise that is “fully online” isn’t “open”! “operating”, perhaps, but not “open” in the sense that a customer can walk in.

    • It is still a positive spin though. People will remember the “open fully” and not the “online”.

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