Bring-the-dog airline: JSX

This is a review of the semi-private startup airline, JSX, based on experiencing a flight from Burbank to Oakland. The company, founded by JetBlue alumni, flies the 50-seat Embraer 145 regional jet in a 30-seat configuration on the following network:

Passengers are asked to show up 20 minutes in advance of the flight. Anything bigger than a briefcase must be checked (is it luxury to hoist your own luggage over your head and then have the bag encroach on your headroom and sightlines?). Security consists of a quick walk through a metal detector. Loading and unloading takes only a few minutes because the plane isn’t jammed to its capacity (see Two-thirds full airline idea). The “terminal” on either end either is an FBO or is like an FBO. If you’re averse to crowds and lines, this is the way to travel!

The flight attendant on my BUR-OAK trip was warm and enthusiastic about her job. The fare was about 50 percent higher than what Southwest wanted for the same route. Everything ran on time. Bringing a full-size dog entails buying a second ticket. In-flight Internet is via Starlink (#thanksElon) and requires no gymnastics to connect to. A wide variety of drinks and snacks are included, including wine and beer (nobody asked for Bud Light):

The only area where JSX suffers compared to an oligopoly airline is that the Embraer E145 isn’t as quiet inside as, for example, an Airbus A320. Bring the noise-canceling headphones.

A few photos from Burbank:

At Oakland:

This is a great addition to the American commercial airline system. I wish they flew PBI/BED, PBI/HPN, and PBI/IAD (West Palm Beach to Boston/NY/DC). And, as they grow, I hope that they eventually transition to the whisper-quiet geared turbofan-powered Airbus A220 (an evolved Bombardier CRJ). Quiet = luxurious!

For the Uber ride at the end, “they” is the pronoun that Uber chooses for a driver named “Mohamed”:

6 thoughts on “Bring-the-dog airline: JSX

  1. > show up 20 minutes in advance of the flight … Security consists of a quick walk through a metal detector. Loading and unloading takes only a few minutes … fare was about 50 percent higher

    So it’s like all flying was before 2001?

  2. The number of stops between Calif* & FL might make up for the TSA bypass. Bring your own entertainment on that one. Lions have learned to enjoy modern HD in seat displays, as animals who once commuted across the country with nothing but rock formations to stare at.

  3. Does the drive have any choice on the pronoun? I assume using ‘they’ is marginally cheaper for UBER in how they send out messages?

  4. Their website is awful. Couldn’t even look up prices. Doesn’t work on the iOS Safari browser?

    If I can’t look up a flight on their website, I can’t book a flight. Not ready for prime time!

    • Based on the clientele that I saw, I’m sure that it works from iOS! In fact, it might not work if the customer doesn’t have AirPods or isn’t actively chatting with someone on those AirPods.

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